Teachers demand ban on Bully: Scholarship Edition

A coalition of groups representing four million teachers from eight unions in several countries - Australia, Britain, Canada, South Korea, the Caribbean and the United States - is urging retailers to refuse to sell Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Bully: Scholarship Edition features a shaven-headed teenager who adjusts to life at a new boarding school by harassing others, which the organizations say glorifies bullying. The abuse includes dunking pupils' heads in toilets, photographing them naked and physically assaulting them. Teachers are also targeted.

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slapsta723940d ago

bully is so harmless, i've played it on ps2 and from what i hear the new edition isnt any more violent.

i thought it was very very tame for a rockstar game

didnt intend for that to rhyme

Tempist3940d ago

It's as stupid as claiming that the Metal Gear Solid games after MGS2 are trashless violent games. MGS series is a good example of choice based video games. You don't have to kill anyone and are in fact reward those who take a non-violent approach to completing the game.

M_Prime3940d ago

ohh boy here we go again.. and its not like its a NEW GAME..

why don't they just say we shouldn't be able to buy MARIO games cause it targets GOOMBAs and KOOPAs.

Or we shouldn't be able to play Wii Sports cause we have to HIT a ball.. in a violent almost REAL gesture, kinda like swinging the racket.. and don't get me started on WII BOXING.. now that should have these kinds of groups OUTRAGED!

jinn3939d ago

they wanna ban this game which no one will buy but they dont wanna ban all the other violent game out there