First PES 2014/FOX Engine News Next Week

Brand new information on PES 2014 and how the FOX Engine will be used outside the Metal Gear series will be revealed next week.

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l33t_player2026d ago

really can't wait to hear more about FOX engine, the Ground Zeroes reveal seems like ages away!

Plambey2026d ago

i'm actually not sure which I'm more excited about, PES news or Fox Engine news!

DigitalSmoke2026d ago

This could bring PES back to a respectible level compared to Fifa.

Plambey2026d ago

defo agree, a brand new engine is what PES has needed for so long. and with this engine being developed by Kojima's team, you know its going to be a good one!

Donnieboi2024d ago

It will look better, but graphics =/= better gameplay. They gotta focus on gameplay too.

user76939582025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Wow that look photorealistic!

look at the texture and facial details


I'm ready for next gen!! I hope I an enjoy this as a launch tittle.. next to KZSF and inFSS wow! what a line up..