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Experienced Points Why the PS4 Doesn't Do PS3 Games

People are mad that, at least at the outset, the PlayStation 4 won't be backwards compatible. Jim Sterling briefly mentioned it this week and MovieBob commented about it on Twitter. Hiding behind all the speculation about how the device will look and how much it will cost is a pretty reasonable question of "Why can't the machine run old games?" (Culture, PS3, Tag Invalid)

alousow  +   535d ago
i dont really care if my ps4 play ps3 games. i kno for sure after i get my ps4 im bot turning back to my ps3
joab777  +   535d ago
If the ps4 cost $400 at launch and they add BC, it will raise cost to $450-$500. The ps3 will see price drop also so how much will u really be saving? Isnt it better to keep for awhile? It does alot more than play games. And any games that release for both, i will wait for ps4 version. I am gonna keep it til i atleast play everything i want from this gen. Then i may give it and my library to someone who hasnt been able to afford one. If we were talking $700-$1000, then i would want BC, but we are not.
DarkBlood  +   535d ago
yeah i saw you say this exact same message in another article. @alousow
Utalkin2me  +   535d ago
My Ps3 will play PS3 games. So im not concerned about the PS4 playing PS3 games.
Truet0ne  +   535d ago
BattleAxe  +   535d ago
I own around 30 games that were purchased from the PSN, so if I'm not able to access that content in some fashion, then it will be hard for me to invest in the PS4. I like everything I see, but I will need to be able to at least stream the games that I've purchased through GaiKai to justify the purchase. Some of the games I bought from the PSN are games that I owned on the PS2, so there is no way I will re-buy those games a third time on the PS4.
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Utalkin2me  +   535d ago
Your PS3 wont be able to play your PSN content?
T900  +   535d ago

Its silly to point at the PS3, not everyone has the space to plug in multiple machines from different era just so they can play the thousands of usd worth of software they bought.

Personally i love Steam in that way. Next gen may be coming, i have over 200 games on Steam, I know i am not going to lose my investment of games, neither will have to repay for them. Everything just will work.
Utalkin2me  +   534d ago
Sorry you have so much invested into steam. Considering i sell my games 30 days later.Not like people are going to be relying on PS3 oldies as the PS4 comes out.
zerocrossing  +   535d ago
My point will always be, if my PC can have BC regardless of the architecture then so could the PS4 and I sincerely doubt the addition of BC would have effected the pricing of the PS4 in any significant way.

My PS3 died a while back and I still have a ton of PS3 games, it would be really convenient for me if the PS4 had BC, but no, if I want to play/finish any of my PS3 games I'll have to bet both a PS3 and a PS4, and well that just sucks, IMO.
nevin1  +   535d ago
The PSmove will work on PS4 but as of now, so PS3 games won't play on it.

Im sorry thats odd and funny.
smashcrashbash  +   535d ago
How is that odd or funny.How is the Move and BC related in any way?
classic200  +   535d ago
Software emulation skyrockets PS4 price.

Putting a last gen hardware device to be compatible with the new PS eye does not do a damn thing to the PS4 pricing.
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classic200  +   535d ago
Software emulation skyrocket PS4 price.

Putting a last gen hardware device to be compatible with the new PS eye does not do a damn thing.
Utalkin2me  +   535d ago
Whats odd and funny is that you have to pay for xbox live to use your netflix you already pay for.
InTheLab  +   535d ago
The real question is, why doe the PS4 not support the Dualshock 3, but somehow supports Move???

The Cell is the reason why the PS4 won't be BC
RTheRebel  +   535d ago
Sucks PS4 is not backward compatible. I'm 50-50 if, I want to purchase a PS4.
And, so many PS3 games are gonna go on sale when the PS4 releases =) Plus I Have like 20+ PS3 Games I still need to play lol.
Aceman18  +   535d ago
i thankfully won't have that issue as i did plan on keeping my PS3 to play the game i still have. while i have space in the entertainment unit for the PS4 to play PS4 games.
belac09  +   535d ago
i wont buy it, i still play handhelds more anyways, i was going to preorder it but i wont support the greed. im a sony fan all the way but this is ridiculous
smashcrashbash  +   535d ago
No problem. So you are willing to pay whatever extra it takes to integrate the PS3 into the PS4? Good so you will pay any price for BC? No you won't. You will just complain that the price is too high like with the PS3 and demand that it be cheaper.You want it but you are not willing to pay for it. That sir is also greed.It's amazing how gamers can only see a company's greed and not their own.
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delboy  +   535d ago
Are you willing to pay a monthly fee just to be able to stream your ps3 games on ps4?
Ps3 games you already have paid for.
In the long run it will cost you more. Just think about it, don't be a blind fanboy.

And never forget it is Sony we are talking about here, if that cloud thing gets hacked, they might even remove that feature like they did with Linux!
belac09  +   534d ago
yup. well said.
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Hicken  +   535d ago
Get outta here. What greed? The greed of not releasing another $600 console that people won't buy because they complain that it's too expensive. Then they'll have wasted money on producing a console with a feature most people don't use anyway, and that people won't buy it for.

Would it be nice? Yeah, but it's not a deal breaker. We're not entitled to backwards compatibility. None of the systems NEED it as a feature. The PS4 and nextbox will be made to play THEIR games particularly, NOT the games of their predecessors.
rezzah  +   535d ago
You are the thing that you complain about, greed.

Buy a PS3 so you don't have to worry about anything PS4.
classic200  +   535d ago
I rather see couple so called sony fans leave the PS4 console than having sony fail with everyone because of a another expensive system.
Aceman18  +   535d ago
hmm i'm glad i have an plasma TV with multiple HDMI inputs so i can easily flip the tv source on it to switch between PS3 & PS4.

i wont have any problems purchasing the system.
jlukee  +   535d ago
At the very least if you've purchased the game you should get a free digital copy rather than having to pay all over again. Im sure there must be some sort of production code that's individual to each disc bought.
From a business point of view this will never happen sadly.
-Falaut-  +   535d ago
Another article pointing out how Sony and their disappointing decision made a poor console and how said console's poorness is now feeding the new poorness of the next console. Yes yes, one big disappointment that continues to this day to release games that hold up on a 7 year old hardware such as Last of Us and Beyond. Yup, that surely goofy Cell ain't keeping up.

Guess me and my crazy ass money are buying another crazy system from Sony. Oh noes!
rezzah  +   535d ago
If I want to play PS3 games I play them on a PS3.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sony say that the PS4 can play all digital console games? This means games from PS1, PS2, and PS3.
DarkBlood  +   535d ago
yeah there gaikai streaming service will take care of that from what i read
BitbyDeath  +   535d ago
Cause PS3 tested those waters and it didn't workout.
Those who are willing to pay for it are in the minority.
Time to move on.
Blackhawk3  +   535d ago
I wish I could find a statistic that showed exactly how many gamers go and really use the backward compatibility feature... I bought a 60 gig PS3 on launch week. I used BC a total of maybe 2 times. I know, its not a huge sample size, but I also know all of my friends, XBOX and PS3 players alike, don't go back and play old games.

Some people act as if their PS3 suddenly stops working when they get the new system. If you feel that strongly, keep it up and running so you can play an old game. It's not all that hard. I'm glad the BC isn't int he new system, it ensures it won't be as expensive, thus will sell better.

Just my two cents.
Grimhammer00  +   535d ago
Here's the thing. It is only about money.
I can play orb of zot on my PC right now. That games like 30+yrs old.

Ok....that might seem silly. How about a old Sierra game? They'll play on my current PC.

So what gives? Greed? Maybe. I'm not talking about ps3 retail discs. That's understandable not to be ps4 compatible. I'm talking about digital content.
Is it a Cell issue? That's possible. I'll admit.

But on the other side of this.....how can these big corps expect us to rebuy content each gen? We could all keep our then obsolete machines right! Because I don't have enough shiz plugged in to my tv. Set box, pvr, ps3, Xbox 360, PC....

If these large corps want us to buy into our consoles as media hub pc's that focus on gaming....then they need to adopt PC flexibility.

Edit- don't for a minute think that Sony or MS are going to take the savings from anywhere and return that to gamers. Lol
That's not how big buisness works.
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BitbyDeath  +   535d ago
How do you get them to play on your PC?
All the old games i've tried on mine play way too fast to the point of being unplayable.

Classics like Dr Drago's Madcap Chase Around the World do not work at all either.

You on linux?
T900  +   535d ago
Get Dosbox, most old games work with no problems what so ever.
ziggurcat  +   535d ago
point #1: it's a PS4.

brich233  +   535d ago
They would eventually release a new model of PS4 with PS3 compatability in the future. That is what I think. It would make alot of sense in my opinion if they did.

Who the hell wants to use Gaikai for BC? I wonder what thequality will look like, Onlive quality is terrible.
dangerousjo44  +   535d ago
so what i passed them old ass games already now time for new and better damn that easy or u can just stay on old hardwere ps3
ACEMANWISE  +   535d ago
The reasons behind this are several. In the companies' eyes backwards compatability is counter productive to sales. They find it more profitable to control the availability and access of video games so that they can offer paid services.

You can see that they are setting it up where no one gets a copy. They want to eliminate used sales, borrowed games, and family access to one copy. They want to funnel all sales and possible profits through their services so that the 1st parties are the ones that get paid their maximum worth.
InTheLab  +   535d ago
I'm willing to bet that more the 90% of the people complaining about BC currently own a PS3 that is not BC because they didn't want to PAY FOR THE FEATURE.....

Remember that $600 you didn't pay to play PS2 games? You waited for the cheaper models right? Same deal here.

As for the author, saying the Cell is a mistake is like saying the second place PS3 with all of it's great games was a mistake....and it's not. I'll gladly take UC2 over a working Skyrim, L4D, or even Minecraft.
mydyingparadiselost  +   535d ago
It only does everything... except what you want it to do.

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