Japan Gets Bronze PSP

Starting in April this year, Sony will offer a brand new PlayStation Portable Value Pack, which will include a stylish-looking PSP Lite with a 32MB Duo Memory Stick and an AV digital cable.

It's not currently known if any import stores will sell this, but retail price is expected to be around 147€.

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Phoebian3610d ago

I much prefer the black one.

Iamback3610d ago

why only Japanese get this? Just week or so ago they got mint green PSP.

ben8063610d ago

there is no reason for all this exclusive colour packages they get..
sony is an international company and should behave as such

Yi-Long3610d ago

... why are european gamers always treated like dirt!?

The Closing3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Look at mate, it's bronze. They can bloody keep it.

mikeslemonade3610d ago

I want all these rare colored PSPs. My phat PSP is on its last legs so I hope we get a new SKU soon.

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