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Watch the Tomb Raider Launch Trailer


Today Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have finally released the Tomb Raider origin story – A Survivor is Born – has been the tagline throughout the whole marketing campaign. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

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Speed-Racer  +   912d ago
Looks good!
Root  +   912d ago
Well I'm half way through it and I'll tell you now...despite being a good game this is NOT Tomb Raider.

If this was a brand new survival IP then fair enough...top marks from me but as a Tomb Raider game it just fails, it's basicaly Uncharted with a female lead and by Uncharted I mean the way it's presented with it's cinematic action adventure Hollywood like approach.

No puzzles
No tense underwater sections to retrieve things or find new rooms
Way too much gunplay and fighting
Explosive over the top action scenes
Quick time events
No Med Kits...Tomb Raiders thing. It's a survival game and you don't use them
Regnerating health....dosen't quite work in a game like this

I wish people would want devs to create new IPs instead of using old franchises names to sell them.

As for the game it's self on it's own the only two things that bug me so far is the tacked on multiplayer which is pretty bad in my opinion and Lara's voice....it's horrible
MattyG  +   912d ago
Except that this is a reboot. It's using the name and basic themes (Lara, treasure hunting, etc.) to build a completely new experience while taking little queues from the originals. I thought we were over the whole "this isn't like the old ones" thing and had all realized that this is a fresh start for the franchise.
Kingthrash360  +   912d ago
To be honest and not intending to diss uncharted but lara was climbing, shooting, adventuring and treasure hunting before drake's dad's balls dropped. I see what you mean but think of it like tekken and dead or alive both fighting games both 3d both combo/counter fighters but to very different games....just same genre. Same goes for this. I think its great, uncharted needs some competition devs make better games when challenged.
Root  +   912d ago

Here we go...

Uncharted and Tomb Raider (the old ones) are completely different, the only things they had in common was the fact they were both treasure hunters

You never saw Lara fighting off wave after wave of enemies

You never saw her go through explosive "how the hell did he/she survive" that moments

You never saw her roll from cover to cover in firefights

I could go on...Uncharted was inspired by Indiana Jones not Tomb Raider.


Well what's the point of using a brands name to reboot something if it's completely different to the original. You may aswell make a new IP if that's the case. Your basically letting developers just use the success of old franchises to sell a totally different type of game which is nothing like the originals

It should be trying to be Tomb Raider not Uncharted....having the odd optional Tomb to explore with p*** easy "puzzles" in it is not taking queues from the old games
Imalwaysright  +   912d ago
@ Root TR was one of the 1st (if not the 1st) 3D TPS adventure games and has inspired MANY games after it launched in 1996. You can sit there and say that it was Indiana that inspired Uncharted but the fact is that Uncharted follows the template that was set as standard by TR in 1996. We're talking about gameplay mechanics here so I dont understand why you're talking about movies. Uncharted IS TR with a presentation that holds up to today's standards but feels different because its action oriented while TR focus on exploration.
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pandehz  +   912d ago
Could you plz tell me what is Tomb Raider?

Dont link a vid to the old games btw

Pfff fanboys and their rusty nostalgia
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Root  +   912d ago

Lol rusty nostalgia

Oh I'm sorry that I've been a gamer since the good old days of gaming and not just gotten into games this gen like you probably


Gameplay mechanics...OH you mean the platforming....pfftt please

How else are you spposed to climb something realisticly. Uncharted, Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed do it like Tomb Raider because it was the first game to do a realistic like platform game instead of the double jump mechanic. It wasn't something that Uncharted and co stole, it's just something you HAVE to do when making a realistic game which involves climbing stuff.

Theres no other way to grab onto a ledge or rope.....or even climbing along something.

So my point still stands Uncharted didn't borrow anything off TR, TR fangirls like yourself just like to say it did because Uncharted became something Tomb Raider never did and they stole the platforming crown off Lara.
Imalwaysright  +   912d ago
LMAO you've got to be kidding me. Just platforming? Tell me, besides getting into cover what has exactly the Drake done that we haven't seen Lara doing YEARS before? I'll be waiting but you have a problem here. I played ALL TR games and ALL Uncharted games so lets see you try to pull the wool over my eyes. OH and just FYI that streamlined platforming that we've seen in TR since TR legend and now in Uncharted was inspired by none other than PoP Sands of Time (same team that created AC). TR started it but PoP platforming was the natural evolution to TR platforming, just like in many ways Uncharted is the natural evolution to TR.
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MikeMyers  +   912d ago
"You never saw Lara fighting off wave after wave of enemies

You never saw her go through explosive "how the hell did he/she survive" that moments

You never saw her roll from cover to cover in firefights"



A lot of the covers for Tomb Raider games have her holding guns. There were many cases of waves of enemies. I grew up playing Tomb Raider and some of them were not very good. It was the very first game that had great puzzles but they also tried to make some Tomb Raider games into more action oriented titles.

If you don't want to buy the game then don't buy it but don't tell me what the game should or shouldn't be. Get involved, go make your own games if you don't like how games are now. You seem to complain a lot and want to tell everyone what the ip should and should not be. Are you even in the videogame business?

Say your opinion and move on. We don't need to keep reading the same rhetoric. Is there a point of repeating yourself 20 times?

This is a REBOOT. Get it? A REBOOT. An ip with a new vision, a new start. The old Batman TV show was campy, are you going to complain that the Dark Knight was nothing like that? It's called coming out with fresh ideas, trying to sell a familiar franchise to a new audience. It's called taking chances and maybe expanding on the audience. Lots of games have online multiplayer, are you going to tell me that because you're an old-school gamer that they should all just still be single player experiences too?

Go pull out your original PSOne system and be happy because your negativity is doing nobody any favors.
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mcroddi  +   912d ago
The game looks fantastic
RonyDean  +   912d ago
So excited with what they are doing with tomb raider! Can't wait to pick the game up!

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