Sony preps 5X boost to hard drive storage

Sony has revealed a new technology it says will make large hard drives possible even with notebooks. Rather than use a traditional magnetic read/write head, the new development uses a hybrid of magnetic and optical technology to greatly increase the density: while the storage itself is similar, media is written to disk using a laser. The extremely small, precise nature allows it to fit far more bits of data on any given area. A full terabit (125GB) can fit on a single square inch -- five times the space of conventional hard disks, Sony says.

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whateva3858d ago

160GB baby lets start the hype train.

CrashSharc3858d ago

is Sony inadvertently fueling interest in DD with tech such as this. I'm a firm supporter of physical media, however I do believe DD will prevail down the line... far down the line. Things like this help... either way WOOHOOO!!!!

mighty_douche3858d ago

Like you said DD is a long way off but dont you think Sony want to be ready for it. DD isnt only a M$ future, its everyones.

Cwalat3858d ago

isnt a terabit 1000 GB?

Cwalat3858d ago


PSP 2, 160gb?

dude, they said its a NEW way of making it not cheaper way.

Bleyd3858d ago


That's a Terrabyte you're talking about. A traditional bit is 1/8th the size of a byte so a Terrabit would be about 125GB.

marinelife93858d ago

There goes Sony again. Off developing new technologies that are future proof and will actually mean something later on. Innovation at work.

moparful993858d ago

Imagine the implications... A 500 gig hard drive at 5x the storage capacity equals 2.5 terrabytes (2,500 gigs)!! Suddenly caching games to your hard drive seems so inocuous now... Hmmm yet again another evidence for the truth that the only thing constant is change.. Heres looking at you microsoft.....

marinelife93858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

One of these days you'll be able to slap one of those beast into your PS3 for extra storage capacity. Maybe Microsoft will even let you... never mind who am I kidding.

ChickeyCantor3858d ago

16 GB dor PSP was around 300 euro's....160GB wil mostlikly cost 3000?XD

but sony keep up the good work =D

sonarus3858d ago

in about 3yrs expect the ps3 slim to have this

CrashSharc3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

that's exactly what I was getting at ;)

xplosneer3857d ago

I doubt this will happen for PSP as well as it is based on flash based Memory Sticks. Those capacities increase as transistor and silicon storage reciever and storage devices get smaller. This is based off the tranditional density based physical read write on a spinning disk.

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Creepa at GameManx3858d ago

500 GB 2.5 HD? BRING IT! my ps3 craves storage


Jen5en3858d ago

"Feed me a stray cat..."

IC Weiner3857d ago

Masturbation was the key to success :[

tweaker3858d ago

This is amazing news. A terabyte PS3 would be sweet!

gEnKiE3858d ago

Uh oh, here goes another thing for M$ fans to go against Sony about on how they "overhype" their products.