Rayman Jungle Run Review | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes: "Last year Ubisoft rebooted the Rayman franchise with the stellar Rayman Origins. A stunningly beautiful, wonderfully whimsical platformer that could hold it’s own against even some of Nintendo’s best efforts. As is often the case however, when a full console release makes it’s way to IOS and is reduced to employing a simple touch interface, I was concerned that it would retain little of it’s former glory.

Thankfully my doubts were assuaged almost immediately upon playing the game. Developers Ubisoft and Pastagames have focused on recreating the feel of the speed-run bonus levels from Rayman Origins, (which were arguably some of the best stages of the game), and have solved the touch-control issues masterfully. So prepare yourself to run, jump, fly and punch your way through 40 exhilarating levels, collecting hidden coins and Lums like a speed addled, limbless madman!

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