DmC: ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ Review | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes: "‘Vergil’s Downfall’ is exactly that, we see the proud, egotistical twin brother of Dante fall from graces. Vergil led the ‘Brotherhood’ in the fight against the Demon King Mundus, to try and save the world from his vile grasp. Having shown his “true” intentions upon the conclusion of DmC, Vergil has lost the main thing that matters to him. Power. With his defeat at his brother hands, Vergil is disgraced, disrespected and powerless. Devil May Cry fans know Dante’s biggest enemy throughout the series has been his own brother, but Vergil’s evolution to pure evil has never been showcased. ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ provides the context behind his motivations for complete power and destruction of his brother, Dante."

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