Stranger than fiction: Is PS3 about to win the console sales war?

CVG: Once an absurd notion, Kutaragi's final console could outsell the Xbox and Wii with a last-gasp flourish

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bicfitness1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Well they're allowed to sell it in China now (as of Nov 2012), which will help. Furthermore, Sony has always done well in pan-European countries. The Wii is effectively dead, and MS won't have much success outside of US/ UK with post-720 Xbox 360 sales (and will they still support it with software too, is another question). So yeah, with at least another two price cuts to go - one around the PS4 launch, one a few years later - its easy to see how Sony will finish first for last gen.

A real limp of a start, but Sony always said it was a marathon and not a sprint. Still, its good to see them going into next-gen with a bit more focus and less hubris (PS4).

dedicatedtogamers1628d ago

It wouldnt surprise me if PS3 "won", though of course some will always change the definition of winning to soothe their fanboy souls. It won't be total consoles sold. It'll be something silly like "increased percentage of market share" that supposedly determines the winner. People counted out Nintendo back in 2006 with the Wii and look what happened. Today, people are counting out Sony, but we'll see

darthv721628d ago

there was never really a starting point we can assume there is no finish line either.

all the systems came into the market at their own times and there wasnt any kind of goal to aspire to reach other than their own individual goals.

It isnt like they all decided the first one to 100mil wins. each company has their own sales goals and from the look of things. Nintendo's wii bested the previous system releases (NES, SNES, N64, GC) and MS has certainly surpassed their previous xbox sales by a considerable margin.

Sony still has time to sell the PS3 so it could very well reach the numbers of the PS1 or even PS2 if sony keeps it on the market long enough.

they are all winners this gen. No spin, no derogatory comments. Just the pure fact that all 3 are selling (sold) to an ever increasing tough industry crowd is proof this was (if not THE) best console generation I have been part of (and I been around since pong).

Kalowest1628d ago

"People counted out Nintendo back in 2006 with the Wii and look what happened. Today, people are counting out Sony, but we'll see"

Something can be said about MS, no one thought they would stay in the game console business for long. As a gamer that owns all 3, I'd say all 3 did a great job this gen.

silverbeld1628d ago


All winners?

Why can't you just admid the Xbox losing this gen again.

insomnium21628d ago

We all knew PS3 would end up first. Even the xfans knew deep down. That's why they were so hell bent on fighting it.

Godmars2901628d ago


There wasn't ever really a starting point because MS jumped the gun.

They may have needed to to get ahead of Sony, But overall the move wasn't all that good for the industry.

I wouldn't have been good for them if they hadn't had the money to repair the damage of RRoD.

Syntax-Error1628d ago

WHAT?! There's no one counting out Sony? Save that shit for your fanboy blog. Since Sony had that press conference last month it has been Sony all day every day. No one said anything negative except that they showed a bunch of tech demos. The negativity was about MS just as this article headlines by giving Sony the console wars of next gen BEFORE THEY EVER GET STARTED! How's that for flame baiting

pixelsword1628d ago

The stupidest thing anyone can do is be dismissive of any console; the Wii smashed everyone at first, Microsoft took America by storm, and now Sony might sell the most this gen?

With Sony's big PS4 reveal, obviously Sony is not taking the other two consoles lightly, but the irony is that fans of Sony just might.

Just everyone remember to support all of the devs/exclusives that is talked up

Skip_Bayless1628d ago

The Wii is not a current generation console. Please ignore articles like this.

BlindGuardian1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

this is not news, PS3 has outsold the 360 on all but one year when they were both in the market at the same time

if what happened with last gen consoles when this one hit, MS will dropped 360 as soon as they get the 720 out of the gate and the sales will drop to almost zero, while Sony will keep selling PS3s for years to come

will the PS3 overtake the 360 lifetime sales with one year less on the market? 100% certainty (if it hasn't happened already)

will the PS3 overtake the Wii's lifetime sales? tricky question, Wii's sales numbers will be almost zero by this time next year but the gap is huge, they will probably end up very close, but which one ahead is almost imposible to tell now

SHORYUKEN1628d ago

PS3 #1
Wii #2
360 #3

This Positions is so familiar like it does before.

PS2 #1
Gamecube #2
xbox #3

My predictions

PS4 #1
WiiU #2
720 #3

I love doing this!

Welshy1628d ago


As much as i have faith in Sony in terms of long term support over Microsoft or Nintendo, i think you're getting SLIGHTLY ahead of yourself if you think the Wii U is going to outsell the next Xbox.

SHORYUKEN1628d ago


WiiU still not showing their true powers and they already sell millions.

Once they release Zelda and new Mario then it will kick xbox @ss again.

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Azurite1628d ago

I read an article in late January which said China -may- life the ban.

Haven't read anything about since then, doubt they've lifted the ban yet though since we'd see more news about it in that case.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Sony definitely won the hardcore gaming war.. Shame MS dropped new AAA IP xbox support after 2010.. Alan Wake was awsome!! Got it on steam!

Grap1628d ago

even if Sony win the sales war. u have to give MS a big credits selling nearly 80M with their second gen console compete with Nintendo and sony who has so much experience in this industry.

AlphaJunk1628d ago

what is makes a game hardcore and what are examples of games not being hardcore?

maniacmayhem1628d ago

Didn't you just rag on another poster for their never ending troll service of Sony. Saying how they have nothing positive to say about Sony and should be marked for trolling every time?

How is this any different from what you do?

GusBricker1628d ago

This all comes down to Japan. MS has no shot in hell of ever winning a worldwide console war without getting a piece of the Japanese market.

They've tried their damnedest, but we all know, they had no chance in the first place.

darthv721628d ago

has been completely overused this console generation. That term was coined by the type of person who played games on a regular basis. not specifically the type of game.

If you were someone who was dedicated to playing games on the various platforms back in the were considered hardcore.

it seems so many have lost touch with that aspect and have turned the phrase into something more associated with the "game" rather than the "practice" of gaming.

By simple definition, a casual gamer is someone who plays games occasionally. on a semi regular basis and the games can be anything from simple puzzle types to graphic intensive types.

the hardcore gamer is someone who plays games on a consistent basis. the games can range from simple puzzle types to graphic intensive types.

It centers around how dedicated the person is to playing games. NOT the games themselves. There are some casual killzone players out there just as there are some hardcore angry bird players out there.

i think what the majority of the self proclaimed 'core' dont understand is that we are ALL in the same hobby and we can ALL respect that hobby even if we dont ALL play at the same level as the next person.

AlphaJunk1628d ago

@darthv72 - great post and exactly what I was getting at - I was hoping someone that plays and knows what a "hardcore" game is and isn't would attempt to explain the stupidity behind such a term. I get so tired of hearing these dorks on here call a particular game "hardcore."
Back in the day when video games were getting big, there were Super Mario Bros. tournaments where people played hours, but I'm sure these goof-balls wouldn't consider that a "hardcore" game; or even further back when arcades were huge people stayed for hours playing Pac-Man and Galaga for that matter. Lame people on here.

darthv721628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

while there are some "goof-balls" and "lame" people on this site. it really isnt their fault they misinterpret things.

Its the association of the term over the course of many console generations that has conditioned them into believing the "hardcore" phrase is by virtue of the game and NOT the player.

It is somewhat disrespectful to those who had to earn that designation by way of being very dedicated to playing games in general. I dont proclaim myself to be a hardcore gamer anymore. I dont deserve to fit into that crowd because i dont dedicate the amount of time i once did when i was younger.

I still consider myself a gamer however because I do still play but by no means would I fall into the casual association either.

I just find it funny how even the execs at the companies misuse the term as well. As if to say they know that to be respected by the gaming community, they have to talk the talk even if they dont walk the walk.

BitbyDeath1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

"By simple definition, a casual gamer is someone who plays games occasionally. on a semi regular basis and the games can be anything from simple puzzle types to graphic intensive types."

I dunno the world has changed.
Casual gamers are kind of extinct using the old definition. Even my Grandma plays games on Facebook regularly. Does that make her a hardcore gamer? Or how about all those on the trains, planes and buses who constantly play games on their phones while travelling? Are they hardcore?

Casuals should be based on the amount of types of games they play IMO cause the world is now a different place.

BitbyDeath1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Ignore/delete this comment.
Double post.

darthv721628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

"Casuals should be based on the amount of types of games they play IMO cause the world is now a different place."

I agree. These are different times we live in. But which is it? Amount or type? There is one thing to have a fascination with something like games and then there is another with having an obsession. the association of the terms is where it falls apart.

The old days of the hardcore gamer was the obsessive nature of wanting to play games all the time. It didnt matter the game or what platform so long as there was that addictive desire to play.

These days, things are perceived differently. Maybe your grandmother is a hardcore facebook gamer if she is constantly playing the various games available.

Just because she isnt slaying zombies or kicking some multiplayer ass does not mean to discredit her desire to find entertainment in the games that appeal to her.

And that is the word of the day kids...appeal. People of all ages and types find things that appeal differently. I think there has been such a lack of respect for the industry as a whole because we see an increase in a certain type of game here or a decline in others there.

Yet we are all on the same side when it comes to enjoying the various things this industry offers. There are simple games that do not appeal to me but i can respect others who like them. But maybe that sense of respect comes with age.

I am 40 now and i can look back and see what a punk i was when i was younger but i never lost sight of respect for the craft (gaming).

BitbyDeath1628d ago

"But which is it? Amount or type?"

I'd say the "amount of type" because Facebook being one category is as casual as the FPS craze. (eg. Those that only play COD).

So someone who plays multiple types/genres is more hardcore than someone who plays just 1 or 2.

nukeitall1627d ago


Then who decides the category?

What if I play Facebooks games, then I jump on iOS, then on Android, then I play Minecraft on Xbox 360, and then finish off with some Wonderbook. Each I play only a little bit.

Does that make me a hardcore gamer?

Hardcore gamer should and always has been about how much time and "real genuine" interrest in games.

BitbyDeath1627d ago


There is casual gamer and casual games. Not to be confused with one another. Most of what you listed were casual games because they generally only hold your interest for a short period of time.

So yea, maybe a combination of both time and genre diversity as i'd think someone who only sticks to one or two genres would also be casual.

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Tapani1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )


The first time they suggested the ban to be lifted was 2012 September and Ministry of Culture squashed the rumor/suggestion immediately.

The latest rumor was sparked again by China Daily:

I'm sure the ban will be lifted within the next 3-4 years and that's when the gaming industry will be finally tilted back to Asia. And most likely it will stay there as the new middle-classes rise and have buying power to support the supply.

The funny thing is why you got so many agrees. It merely suggests that most people have no idea what is really happening in the gaming industry (or in the world) and buy everything they hear just like that.

Edit: Just to add, console hardware sales number does not really represent anything, but something to do cheap PR about.

Software sales, licensing fees, digital sales and other revenue streams (such as PS+ and MS memberships) are equally if not even more important than simple overall hardware sales numbers. If you want to pick a winner, then pick the one that makes most money overall.

All in all, this "article", once again, is irrelevant and is not even journalism. Just keep feeding yourself with this silly "information" and you will never know nothing of the real world. Sorry for the cynical touch, but I'm slightly tired of these articles and these "opinions". Especially when I see this crap on a renowned gaming website.

bicfitness1628d ago

I'm going off the information listed IN THE ARTICLE. I read the article (step one), I commented on it, appropriately. It is not my job to fact check the information that they post. Take it up with CVG if you believe that information is incorrect. Your argument is misplaced.

I do however agree that China is the next major superpower, particularly in terms of economy and/ or the gaming industry. The writing has been on the wall for that shift for some time.

Tapani1628d ago

It is your own responsibility to be educated/enlightened enough not to believe every single word that is written online.

My comment is not misplaced if we are after the truth from an objective and factitive perspective.

If we are after something else, such as feeding ourselves with misinformation to feed the N4G bubble you are living in, then sure, it's misplaced! ;)