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GR-UK writes: "..barely a handful of encounters over the space of an hour. We've still to get a feel for the relationship between Joel and Ellie, and how much more there is to the game beyond these - admittedly frantic - stealth-driven moments. But Naughty Dog's earned our trust after a generation's worth of great adventures. Even if their last one isn't going to leave us smiling. Amazing that one of the most horrific experiences this gen comes from a company that was known for a deranged marsupial. How far we've come."

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Cirran2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Naughty Dog seem to always get the atmosphere of a game spot on. If this is truly a scary game that just makes me even more excited.

"You can strangle infected if you sneak up behind them, but as neither type stick to specific routes when shuffling around, even this action is dangerous"
This makes me so happy, Knowing where an enemy will always be and the route they will take just takes away from a game like this.

giovonni2113d ago

I'm just going to have to play it for myself because I'm getting a mixed bag of impressions from the review, and rightfully so because, whether the reviewer admits it or not, he had a frustrating time. Hopefully, The relationship aspect of the game will open up. I don't want to play this game and that little girl is some useless A.I that is more of an annoyance than an impact outside of the story being told. There are too many games where the protagonist is strapped with the weaknesses of it's counter part right from the jump.
I hope a balance is created where her strengths are my weakness, and vice versa. A balance of protection is created from those aspects. The stronger character is being choked,she frantically picks up a bottle and hits the zombie with it just enough to create an opening.
Let's see how this shapes up

Reverent2112d ago

This wasn't a review. This guy didn't play though the entire game, or even close to it for that matter.

giovonni2111d ago

You are right, my bad. After reading it a few times. It's not a mix its, more of a sense of the gaming mechanics. I still hope this game is a classoc