Microtransactions are 'a necessary evil' - Pachter

NowGamer: Microtransactions in games are a ‘necessary evil’ according to analyst Michael Pachter who says he ‘doesn’t understand the angst’ about them.

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CustardTrout1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Bend over and spread them cheeks, here comes the gaming industry to fuck you over.

zerocrossing1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

It wouldn't be the 1st time the gaming industry have tried it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1781d ago

Haha pretty much.
You can bet microtransactions wouldn't be a "necessary evil" if people stopped buying the games containing them. We would soon see them dropped and we would go back to buying full games and no BS.

Army_of_Darkness1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Yeah... makes me miss the good old snes to PS2 days....
I'm probably one of the few people who have never bought any DLC for any game no matter how much I liked it...
Okay, I remember one time and that was for karaoke revolution encore, but that was because of My GF, she wanted new songs to sing lol!

delboy1781d ago

Imagine you have microtransactions in every game, would this mean you would stop buying and playing games?
I don't think so, stop laying yourself.

RuleofOne343 1781d ago

The micro transaction concept the gaming industry is implementing is not a big FK like the FK GameStop is giving the gaming industry with second hand sales & people who think 20 bucks return on a week old games is great deal or those that think 5 dollar off is a huge saving.

Freeball1781d ago

And somehow every other industry in the world with a 2nd hand market (which is basically every industry) survive just fine.

RuleofOne343 1781d ago

@Freeball the reason the rest industry is not harping on the subject is cause they have something in place . Take for instance the Automobile industry they have this in place to helps them plus the dealership that sales used cars .
Now if the publisher , developers & second hand retail store worked together like this we would not be hearing anything about used games sale being an issue.

Outside_ofthe_Box1781d ago

Since when have they become necessary? Prior to this gen microtransactions where non existent on consoles. Items that used to be secrets/unlockables now have a price tag attached to it. There is no justifying this in a moral sense.

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TimmyShire1781d ago

I don't see how it's a necessary evil.

ginsunuva1781d ago

Costs are rising so high that there are only a few options:

1. Lose money instead of making it
2. Use microtransactions
3. Raise game prices to $70+
4. Have a lesser focus on acting, graphics, and multiplayer social features in order to bring down the needed budget, and hope that gamers will be understanding and not care about visual prowess over a game's true core: the gameplay and fun.

Seeing as how 1, 3, and 4 will never happen, 2 is the only way.

Dark_Overlord1781d ago

Or they could make the games initial price cheaper tempting more people to buy it brand new :)

PrivateRyan1781d ago

They're such a necessary evil that the games industry has managed to survive until now without them.

sjaakiejj1781d ago

And development costs have gone up 10 fold whilst game prices and sales have remained the same. Suddenly there's a problem with your argument.

FunAndGun1781d ago

While greed amongst publishers has gone up 20 fold.

sjaakiejj1781d ago

You call it greed, I call it a way to keep games at their current price point. Things like microtransactions and DLC are the reason games don't already cost $80,- at retail.

The Meerkat1781d ago

Its a thin end of a wedge.

Dailynch1781d ago

I love Pachter, he's always right. ALWAYS.

Godmars2901781d ago

You forgot a sarcasm tag.

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