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What it amounts to is interesting, but not crucial, character development set inside an extension of the most uninspiring portions of DmC.

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GusBricker2111d ago

...and his stupid ass hat can eat a shit sandwich.

AsimLeonheart2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

What is this reviewer talking about!?

"to remind gamers just why they loved DmC so much in the face of competition from Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Rising."

"inevitable sequel"

"The game had to fight against one of harshest (and undeserved) popular pre-reception of any game this generation and managed to overcome it with arguably the strongest experience of the series yet"

The game was a HUGE flop! It is the biggest flop of this year and the author is saying that its a GOTY contender. LOL! Looks like this guy has been living under a rock for the past one and a half month. It did not overcome or prove anything!The only thing it proved was that the original DMC fans were right and companies should listen to the fans or face the consequences. The media just loves to kiss Ninja Theory's ass. NT always pretend to be the victims and get the sympathies of the media after each flop.