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Crysis 3 (360) Review - A Decently Dressed Man - Entertainment Fuse

Crysis 3 starts 24 years after the second game, with the protagonist, Prophet, being held in stasis by the CELL corporation. Luckily, Prophet’s old war buddy Psycho is there to break him out and thrust him to the forefront of the rebellion against CELL. From there, the game follows a pretty basic script, one that you could see coming a mile away. Crytek seemed hell bent on making the super-soldier-realizes-he’s-lo st-his-humanity-and-fights-to-g et-it-back angle work but in the end it really isn’t anything new. Halo 4 did it last year and did a far better job. Though Crysis has never been known for its engrossing story, you’d think after three games, with Crysis 3 finishing the arc, they’d be able to put out a good story but that’s just not the case. (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 7.0/10

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