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SimCity servers buckle, Origin users locked out

Casually Addicted writes, "SimCity has been available in the U.S. for about an hour now, but users attempting to install the title are being met with resistance from Electronic Arts’ servers." (PC, SimCity)

TOGC  +   664d ago
Ladies and gentlemen, the issue with having to always be online.
animegamingnerd  +   663d ago
why i hate the idea and concept of both DRM and cloud gaming
Blacktric  +   663d ago

Eurogamer Sweden


"A fantastic city simulation that meets all expectations. So perfectly balanced it makes it easy to pick up and enjoy, but proves to be very difficult to master. Funny, addictive and with great options for both co-operative and competitive online play - Sim City is a clear candidate for Game of the Year."

"Sim City is a clear candidate for Game of the Year."

Still laughing here.

Edit: @animegamingnerd

The funny thing is, the longtime fans of the series complain about how shallow this new game is on top of always on online DRM, yet Eurogamer Sweden gives it a "100" and proceeds to call it a candidate for game of the year. If this isn't proof that the gaming journalism and game reviews cannot be trusted, I don't know what is.
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animegamingnerd  +   663d ago
@Blacktric any game with DRM at best should earn a 7
grailly  +   663d ago
don't all games have DRM? it's just well hidden or not
xPhearR3dx  +   663d ago

So because they're having server issues that means the game is shit? Considering a lot of people can't even play, how do they know the this game is shallow compared to the old games? I'm not defending EA or Sim City because I have no plans to pick it up anytime soon, but 99% of the time people on N4G tend to judge a game and the credibility of a journalist without actually playing the game for themselves.
KrisButtar  +   663d ago
i know what you mean, i had this game pre-ordered until i found out about the always online DRM. now that doesnt bug me too much, its just i dont have internet offered in my home, only have it once i drive to work.
fermcr  +   663d ago
"SimCity servers buckle, Origin users locked out"

Not surprised. I knew this was going to happen.
jimbobwahey  +   663d ago
Hopefully this results in people abandoning Origin and going back to using Steam for their PC gaming needs.
3-4-5  +   663d ago
2-4 more of these incidents and TPTB within gaming will finally realize it doesn't work.

If only the people in charge of all the money were actually intelligent or creative enough to come up with a better solution.
majiebeast  +   663d ago
Memories of error 37 in Diablo 3.
adorie  +   663d ago
Awh. Memory lane. Those were the days. June, 2012 was never sweeter.
2pacalypsenow  +   663d ago
So much for that beta
kutocer  +   663d ago
Beta wasn't there for major server stress testing only a few thousand people got let in to try. From past experience no matter if they did stress test it would have more than likely buckled like every other online game.
Si-Fly  +   663d ago
Good, gives them time to sort it all out before us Europeans get our hands on it ;)
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0pie  +   663d ago
well... Im not surprised, its EA...
BigBoss1964  +   663d ago
Now you see the problem with "always online"
kutocer  +   663d ago
And this never happens on Steam does it lol, happens on both and the issues with ALL NEW ONLINE GAMES. I would have said they are rolling out the number of spaces on the server to cope with the amount of people trying to access the game so it doesn't blow any equipment up.
NastyDaddeh  +   663d ago
On steam u can play ur games offline
kutocer  +   663d ago
Never said you couldn't but you still need to be online to first activate the game. I was talking about online games that never have a smooth launch.
meatnormous  +   663d ago
Origin as an online service sucks. Words cannot describe how terrible it is.
Truthandreason  +   663d ago
EA doesn't care they already have these guy's pre-order money. They won't spend extra money for launch day servers so everyone can avoid day 1 problems, they hope it'll sort itself out after a week or two.

They'll put their apology dept on it.
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Flatbattery  +   663d ago
Not even remotely surprised.
Seafort  +   663d ago
I'd never get Sim City at £40-65. These problems just cement my choice to never buy EA games or single player games that aren't meant for online.

Diablo 3 all over again. I suffered through that abysmal launch period I'm not doing it ever again.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   663d ago
well you can allways get 20% off at Greenmangaming.com

Lazyeye79  +   663d ago
I hope no one buys this game.
Si-Fly  +   663d ago
Bit late for that!
Trenta27  +   663d ago
I waited all day to play this when it launched. I bought food, kept busy with my wife to stay awake, and so on. I should have expected the worst, but darn it. I'm still disappointed.
JKelloggs  +   663d ago
And this is why I'm leaving it a few weeks before I get it, knew this would happen
koehler83  +   663d ago
They didn't even pre-load.


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