Malicious Rebirth will be released in North America and Europe for Vita

Viva la Vita: "Alvion have confirmed on Twitter that Malicious Rebirth, a PSVita version of the 2010 PSN-exclusive, Malicious will be released in North America and Europe. The beautiful action game has players called to battle the Malicious to save the world. Malicious Rebirth was released on November 22 of last year in Japan for 1,500 yen. This version of the game includes additional bosses, attacks, and a new Resurrection chapter.

No price, or release window were given. It's safe to say that Sony will be handling the localization for this release, as they did with the PS3 original."

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H4all2109d ago

yesss... i'm waiting for this release!!!

r212109d ago

Good thing I held off buying the PS3 version. I want this gorgeous game on the go :D

sherimae24132109d ago

a must have game for the vita ^_^

R_aVe_N2109d ago

o.O nice I will be picking this up for sure

profgerbik2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


Pfft and people say without Monster Hunter the Vita is worthless.. The Vita has more games like that currently than any system around. At this point I have almost forgotten what Monster Hunter is.

With Capcom being the cheap assholes they are and shamelessly being helped out by Nintendo keeping MH exclusive, I hope that bites them in the ass hard.

Now we have Malicious Rebirth, Ragnarok Odyssey, Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden and PSO 2. There is also Lord of Apocalypse but it is still in Japan.

.. Oh and Nintendo just has Monster Hunter and Xenoblade. Like I said doesn't really make sense rubbing Monster Hunter in Sony's face anymore it's obvious they have moved on. Not saying MH sucks just saying there are plenty of games now for the Vita just as fun.

sherimae24132109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

yup i lost track of MH too when it move to 3ds
and i will never forget about capcom for resident evil portable

by the way senran kagura shinovi versus sells at 120,000!
and the third highest selling vita game since persona 4 and project diva f

and soul safrifice, tales of hearts, oboromuramasa, doa5plus, atelier meruru, one piece pirates warriors 2 and etc. are still coming which will increase vita sales

go vita go!

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