Editorial: The ghost at SimCity’s feast

Sean is skeptical that always-on DRM will work for SimCity. In fact, he's tired of the required connections and is boycotting the game altogether.

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Sharodan2108d ago

I'm willing to sit back and wait a couple of weeks at least. I'd rather skirt around the bothersome hiccups that will inevitably crop up.

acidbrn2108d ago

The onslaught of high quality PC games makes me sad to have a sub-par laptop. Come on Steambox, arrive already!!!

FanboyPunisher2108d ago

Gaming on a laptop is the worst injustice you can do for PC gaming. Laptops even when spec'ed nicely dont run games anywhere near the fluidity of a desktop 9/10 times.

Desktop homie.

Sharodan2107d ago

I know what you mean. I didn't see the light until just a couple years ago, but when I upgraded to a gaming PC it was one of the best days in my gaming life.

Sharodan2107d ago

From what I've been hearing/seeing on Twitter, the North American SimCity servers have been too full to allow people who bought the game to play.

The prophecy. It is coming true!