Schilling seeks dismissal of suit over 38 Studios

AP - Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling asked a Rhode Island judge to dismiss a state economic development agency's lawsuit over its $75 million loan guarantee for his now-defunct video game company, calling claims he and fellow executives misled the agency "implausible."

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NYC_Gamer2115d ago

Schilling ruined his whole company with his terrible business mistakes

BakedGoods2115d ago

That or EA turned a promising MMO into a single-player grind-fest.

torchic2115d ago

there were two version of the game, a single player RPG AND an MMO.

they were still working on the MMO.

aPerson2115d ago

The MMO (Copernicus) was a completely different game that took place AFTER Reckoning.

TemplarDante2115d ago

There were rumors of huge mismanagement of funds at 38 Studios..
How does one not expect this to happen if you mismanage loaned money and you're a new company with just one I.P under your belt?
My empathy is NOT with Schilling, but with the employees of 38 Studios.
More so that Epic Games cut ties with the very new company they formed with 38 Studios employees.
Amalur was a good game... but theres no ways in hell its dev cost was 75Mil to make.

aPerson2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

"Amalur was a good game... but theres no ways in hell its dev cost was 75Mil to make."

It didn't. The $75 million loan was also for their unfinished MMO; Copernicus:

"The filing says the economic agency's board "well knew" the amount 38 Studios was getting wouldn't be nearly enough to fully finance the game. The resolution approved by the board says the estimated cost of the game's production is "in excess of $125 million.""

bigbearsack2115d ago

Plus! They used that money on more than games, according to some reports they ate and drank like kings. Taxpayers are the losers in this case.

jakmckratos2115d ago

I realllllllly wanted to like Kingdoms of Amalur but it's mechanics were just off and the world wasn't that fun to explore...I would literally have 10 quests to do and no real way of knowing how to do them!'

LordHiggens2115d ago

I concur...KoA was the most disjointed game I have ever played.

Captain Qwark 92115d ago

clearly you must not play many games.....