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Welcome to Next Gen writes: "Sony has drawn first blood in the next chapter of the console war. The Japanese company announced its PlayStation 4 on February 20th in New York City with an extensive, focused, gamer-oriented press conference. PS4 was mentioned over a million times on Twitter alone that day, and since then, even more details, features, and game announcements have come out regarding it. Sony is riding a tremendous wave of hype."

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Sidology2111d ago

To be fair, Sony did offer Microsoft the chance to go first. A lot of things do not bode well for the console, however, if rumors turn out to be truth.

3-4-52111d ago

If Microsoft switches to 8Gb DDR5 ram or ups the DD3 to 16 GB then everything will be ok.

Aside from that, we are getting consoles that at the very least will be 3-4x as powerful as what we have now.

New consoles offer smaller companies a chance to shine. Everyone gets a fresh start and I'm excited to get some New IP's.

SDF Repellent2111d ago

Ram is only part of the equations so 8GB of DDR3 will still be good enough IMO, combining it with the rumored 32mb of Sdram and the move engine. Software, operating system, and other parts also play a vital role in a console other than Ram. Lets wait and see, shall we.

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NewMonday2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

the all architecture needs to be in-sync, the 720 supposedly has a complex set up of DDR3+SDRAM so the pipelines are designed for that, and the dev kits distributed correspond to that. any change will need to be consistent with the design and that will swell the cost.

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Knight_Crawler2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

What do you mean if MS switches? Are you people that naive to believe every thing on the internet.

These leaked specs were never confirmed by MS, for all we know some dude with too much time on his hand just made all this crap up.

But of course if the leaked docs were making the 720 look like some beast power PC then this leaked specs would be BS to you Sony gamers.

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AngelicIceDiamond2110d ago

Yeah but MS is still yet to announce anything despite the rumors. So technically nothings "boding well for the console."

We have to wait on MS official world on everything.

Sidology2110d ago

I did make sure to specify by saying that IF the rumors turn out to be truth, then it does not bode well for the console.

Bigpappy2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

As I am reading the article, it sounds to much like gloating and bashing for me to finish reading. It is true that it is M$'s move. But, Sony did not force them to "rush" the 360 and it is not like Sony never released a console that had faults at launch. To say that M$ release 360 with RRD and is likely to do the same with this release is speculative at best, and seems more like an attempt at low blow.

"While studios like Naughty Dog will ultimately do things with the PS4 that the Durango can’t match". How do you know what developers with do with each even before you know what M$ will offer. You say it is M$'s move, but you already know that they can not possible match or exceed Sony. Very fanboyish and offers no insight or anything new to the debate. Might as well be any comment posted here on N4G, rather than an approved article.

nukeitall2110d ago

Unfortunately, most opinion pieces are really low quality, For some reason people keep voting them in on

It's been swarming with fanboys here lately.

Outside_ofthe_Box2110d ago

lol @ nukeitall flipping the script. When it comes to PS4 criticism and bashing it's "people are just excited and want to know more." When it comes to the next box apparently that doesn't apply. It's just fanboy talk, lol @ you.

Snookies122111d ago

I really really hope Microsoft does a good job! I may not prefer them for my console of choice, but I want them to succeed as well. :]

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thebigman2111d ago

Did this writer really say that the 360 had a Cell processor in it..?

Jakens2110d ago

Would that ever happen?

N0S3LFESTEEM2111d ago

360 will have so many flops it'll be floppy

vegasucram2110d ago

But that's not to say it won't be hard for them

first1NFANTRY2111d ago

Don't agree with many of M$'s agendas BUT competition is good so i hope they offer a similar hardware to Sony.

This will only make Sony work hard which in turn benefits me the gamer :)

Hicken2110d ago

Agreed. I don't care much for how they do many things, but if they double down on their focus of the core gamer and show us something nice next gen, I'll be quite happy.

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