Aliens Colonial Marines is still better than DNF (Goozernation)

Is Aliens Colonial Marines better than Duke Nukem Forever? Don’t always believe everything the gaming industry has to say. Aliens Colonial Marines isn’t great but it isn’t the worst thing gamers have played over the last 6 years or so, take a look at Rogue Warrior or Vampire Rain. GoozerNation asks the question, who would like this game, and why is there so much animosity towards it?

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BitbyDeath1873d ago

Not if you go by Metacritic...

PC - 54
360 - 49
PS3 - 51

Aliens CM:
PC - 42
360 - 48
PS3 - 43

Smashbro291873d ago

Who the hell cares which "professionals" gave which arbitrary score?

showtimefolks1873d ago

So we are rating which was the best worst? Lol

Both sucked. Long development times usually mean bad game unless its coming from a well respected publisher or developer

Picnic1873d ago

That's to be expected. Duke Nukem has die hard fans and no classic Hollywood film status to live up to.

zerocrossing1873d ago

When you have 2 awful games as like DNF and A:CM I don't think it really matters which one is the most crap.

Hellsvacancy1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Yeah, my poop is pretty average, well, I say "average" Ive never thought about comparing it with anyone elses poop before, if thats what you mean

RankFTW1873d ago

Well if you ever feel the need to compare:

kube001873d ago

The better question is which one is worth a redbox rental?

IWentBrokeForGaming1873d ago

Id say because Aliens took longer than DNF to release... just to turn out the same, it indeed is the bigger turd!

Soldierone1873d ago

I'd disagree. DNF at least made me laugh at certain points. It got drawn out and stupid, yeah, but at least some of it was still generically fun.

flappersack1873d ago

Which turd has more flies..