5 Most Fun Representations of Survival in Games

A list of five games that defined the most fun representations of survival in gaming. From games that simply utilized certain survival elements to games that relied entirely on survival.

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CrescentFang1966d ago

I've always wanted to try the Lost in Blue series. Hope they aren't too rare

Donnieboi1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

They are sorta rare. Try emulation. It's not wrong since buying a new copy still wont put any money in the pockets of publisher since game isn't manufactured anymore. That's the only time I feel comfy using emulation if I still dont own the old cartridge (and theres no other means to buy directly from publisher). Too many jerks charge insane prices for rare games on amazon/ebay and the manufacturer isnt getting paid from it anyway...

1965d ago
matrixman921966d ago

i really liked 999 and virtues last reward...if those count as survival

Bladesfist1966d ago

DayZ has changed the way I look at the term "Survival" in games. After playing it I can't think of any other game that is as true to the name of the genre. After all your only task is to survive.

Donnieboi1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I love Lemmings (even lemmings 3d) but I wouldn't exactly call it a survival game (at all). Survival is the background story, but there's no hunting, gathering, stealth, enemies, exploration, etc. It's simply a level based puzzle series.