Tyler Buser Talks Level Design in HAWKEN


"Adhesive games has seen fit to bring someone into their team in order to continue expanding the game world of Hawken. Tyler Buser has joined Hawken as the new level designer, and recently provide a short synopsis of his duties, what made him a gamer and his past. In his own words, Mr. Buser has a central role in the Hawken Development Team, mainly creating the scenes in which we will unleash massive amounts of robot driven carnage:"

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Grayn1937d ago

"turds in to beautiful environments"...I need a team like that.

Wormwood1937d ago

They've got a wonderful laid back nature that doesn't seem to get in the way of a good product. It seems like a good combination so far to me!

kefkah1937d ago

This is a team to keep an eye on, to be sure.

Echel0n1937d ago

I wish I had a mech...

Wormwood1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Have a couple Million Hanging around?

ThanatosDMC1937d ago

I prefer this game over Mechwarriors Online, which feels dated.

Echel0n1937d ago


Your avatar is made of win.