Exclusive: First RetroN 4 Details

Gametista has exclusive details on Hyperkin's next combination retro console, the RetroN 4.

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Sidology1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Oh dang, I didn't even realize there was a thing after the 3.

And GameBoy Advance titles? I'LL TAKE TWENTY.

TheSoundDefense1239d ago

Hyperkin hasn't announced it yet, is why. And yea, GBA titles are pretty awesome.

Sidology1239d ago

OFFICIALLY, but I should've gotten a press release about it. Mailing lists and all, I guess, but idk.

TheSoundDefense1239d ago

I don't believe any press release has gone out about it at all. That's why we marked it as an exclusive, because nobody else has those details. Hyperkin was gracious enough to allow us to see them ahead of time.

NintendoGal1239d ago

This is correct. Hyperkin decided to give me the details before they put out their official press release tomorrow.