The Final Battle: Nobuo Uematsu, The Devil Survivor

The podcast crew gets creative on Episode 7 of The Final Battle where the topics include Willem Dafoe's casting in Beyond: Two Souls, Cliffy B's Blogspot regarding microtransactions and other industry news of this week. It turns out everyone is in a Valkyria Chronicles mood and then Nobuo Uematsu comes to warn us about demons and the localization of Fantasy Life.

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Relientk772109d ago

Nobuo Uematsu is amazing, he makes some of the best video game music

Tobiichi2109d ago

I would have to agree, he's really talented.

Relientk772109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Sometimes when I get bored I just play the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack, its just fantastic

and then it makes me wanna play it lol

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2109d ago

@Relientk77 . You have to be bored to listen to that masterpiece?

KaptainJ2109d ago

That's a sexy picture of Mr. Uematsu. I never knew he was so fit.

MHenderson2109d ago

Musicianship is a sedentary lifestyle, so you gotta juice your pecs and blast your core if you wanna have some longevity.

KaptainJ2109d ago

All while rockin' a sweet 'stache.