Battlefield 3: End Game – A Homage To Classic Battlefield Games

MP1st - Bringing back two very classic game modes, Battlefield 3′s fifth and final expansion, End Game, is, in more ways than one, a homage to older Battlefield titles.

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N0S3LFESTEEM1906d ago

CTF should've been in the game from the beginning and not an add-on...

Tonester9251906d ago

I don't care. It's almost here! I will not put this game down now lol

Add my PSN: Tonester_925 for a good time ;-)

Bladesfist1906d ago

Will be fun to see how chaotic capture the flag is with 64 or more players.

SillyBastid1905d ago

add me! SillyBastid head set and team play FTW... PTFO bitches

MooseyXTC1905d ago

I don't think anybody EVER played CTF in BF1942.
Still, cool to add it like they did with the Cycles.