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First-Graders Are Learning How To Write Video Game Reviews Now

Kotaku - My friend John found this hanging in a first-grade classroom here in NYC. It's for the kids' writing workshop. I think we're going to start using it as the Official Kotaku Review Guide from now on. (Culture)

mandf  +   633d ago
Half of kotaku writers write like a first grader. One negative article after another. Kotaku can't write one article without writing something negative about Sony.
Drainage  +   633d ago
fanboy alert!
mandf  +   633d ago
Facts are the facts. I didn't say anything fanboyish. Kotaku earned the reputation, they can live with it.
Rockefellow  +   633d ago
First graders could do a better job than everyone writing for Kotaku.
Intentions  +   633d ago
Oh my..
BanBrother  +   633d ago
First graders are at least being taught standards, which is better than most average Joe fanboy review with crappy website. Gaming Journalism needs to have standards in place. It seems as though you can make a website and get on metacritic, which is not very professional at all.
admiralvic  +   633d ago
While I've seen some lame Kotaku articles over the past year, this one takes the cake.

First off, what's so funny about there being no mention of scores? Several articles / writers have expressed interest in letting the words speak for them-self, so it's not like everyone loves scores. I personally understand why they exist and just wish more people tried to figure out WHY it scored whatever, over debates about how whatever score is right or wrong.

As far as the actual paper goes, writing a review is a nice way to teach kids critical thinking. It makes sense for a teacher to make the project interesting to them, since they would actually learn said skill. Perhaps if some writers at Kotaku did this, we wouldn't see so many worthless articles and hate filled replies.
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Soldierone  +   633d ago
I always tell the site I write for I prefer having no scores. It always get over ruled for two reasons. 1 People don't read....they just scroll to the score then leave. 2 You needs scores for sites that archive a games reviews.
Soldierone  +   633d ago
I wish when I was in school it was actually geared towards interesting things. When a teacher used video games or something I liked as an example, or let me do a paper on those subjects, I did really well.

I respect old literature and what not, but as a kid its boring as hell. Heck a lot of books and ways of learning are still boring as hell to me to this day lol
rezzah  +   633d ago
That's BS, Shakespeare is the most useful subject to date.
Soldierone  +   633d ago
If you are learning shakespeare in first grade, you should be going to Harvard by middle school lol
jon1234  +   633d ago
pretty cool, that means the teacher must be into games, i wonder if its a male or female?? i work at a school and none of the teachers seem to like game when i pull out my vita out in the break room, i wouldnt mind working with this teacher :)
Cryptcuzz  +   633d ago
Funny thing is I rather read the kids review then anything Kotaku puts out.

At least it is kind of neat reading a kids take on a review, whereas anything Kotaku puts out tries too hard to be funny, witty and just plain trash IMO.

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