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The Most Atmospheric and Relaxing Aquatic Locations In Video Games

Kotaku - Water levels can be pain in the ass, especially when unnecessarily complex gameplay mechanics meet blurry, monotonous graphics. But that's not always the case. Truth is, there are water levels (or places where water plays a key role) that look really refreshing, relaxing, and that might even possess a special, eerie atmosphere (several parts of Final Fantasy X come to mind). Now those are fun to explore. (Culture)

FlameHawk  +   783d ago
Completely agree about FFX. It was a beautiful and very colorful game when it came out. I was awed when I saw the opening.
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ThanatosDMC  +   783d ago
Besaid Island + Besaid Island music = relaxing

Music = http://www.youtube.com/watc...
DragonKnight  +   783d ago
I wish I lived in Spira. Preferably Besaid but anywhere in that world is amazing.
Godmars290  +   783d ago
"I wish I lived in Spira."
Post Sin and post religious upheaval I hope.
3-4-5  +   782d ago
Makes me even more excited to play it in HD eventually. I never played the Original.
quest for booty's main hub
Cam977  +   783d ago
I'd give it to the sunny island on R&C1.
False-Patriot  +   783d ago
No Chrono Cross? Seriously?
Firebird360  +   783d ago
Cc was and still is amazing!
You sir could not be more right. Arni Village springs to mind instantly and so does Galdove.
DragonKnight  +   783d ago
FFX for sure. But also, any aquatic level in Donkey Kong Country just so you could hear this...


I mean... can you find music that can bring out such memories in today's gaming world like this?
WeAreLegion  +   783d ago
Great levels.

I'd add:

- Kingdom Hearts (Destiny Island)
- Uncharted 2 (Swimming Pool. Lol.)
Derekvinyard13  +   782d ago
Love the water in those games
Cam977  +   783d ago
How about the water levels from Tomb Raider: 2? The Wreck Of The Maria Doria, The Deck and Living Quarters were great!
Shuyin  +   782d ago
Besaid Island & Firelink Shrine. <3
uuaschbaer  +   782d ago
IIRC the only aquatic element of Bevelle was an underwater dungeon (with a gargantuan zombie dragon), not my idea of relaxation.
original crysis

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