God of War: Ascension - Single Player Demo Insight and Impressions

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes:
The Demo is Epic yall!

The term watching it and playing it are two different things rings very true, at least in this instance. I wasn’t all that blown away when I watched the 30 minute gameplay footage that’s been online, typical God of War stuff ( I’m already sold on that) but when you get the controller in your hands maaaan buddy!

So initially I had trouble with the screen settings (I got too cute with it) and didn’t quite understand what the settings were requesting, however the second playthrough I nailed it perfect.

Welp, Kratos is baaaaack way back even — like prequel back, and apparently he’s in big trouble with 3 Sisters collectively called “Furies” well, specifically one of them I believe her name is — if I’m not mistaken, Megaera. I won’t spoil the rest but this demo shows off a lot of different gameplay elements and you should get a good feel on what to expect when the full retail releases. L...

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Saladin4161965d ago

i thought the demo was OKAY, nothing really blew me away, like when i played GOW3. maybe its because i know the potential of the PS4, and now my eyes are spoiled :(

cyberninja1965d ago

I've not played the demo, because I know that game is gonna deliver.

cervantes991965d ago

I thought the demo was pretty epic - got me pumped for the full game.

Xklaw1965d ago

I had no worries with the single player campaign. Now i want to see what else they got for the multiplayer after the beta test.

Rhezin1965d ago

I played the demo and thought it was incredible! But..I still wish Cory Balrog would game direct another iteration in the series. Todd Pappy did an AMAZING job on God of War III and will amaze people with Ascension, but I still believe god of war II was the best in the series.

Scholla1965d ago

Todd Papy? God of War III? Don't you mean Stig Asmussen?

SlyFamous021965d ago

Yip, Asmussen was the man at the helm of GOW3.

RIP_Weazel1965d ago

Pappy was art director for 3, and is at the helm for ascension.

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