10 Signs You Are A Video Game Snob

Complex - As someone who only wants to enjoy video games as the creators intended, it's at times difficult to have discussions with gamers who feel the need to boast their knowledge of all things gaming. We get it, you were able to finish Halo 4 in a day and you know the birthdays of all the developers at Blizzard. There's no need to make the rest of us feel inadequate just because we devote every minute we're awake to figuring out how many pixels are in a Street Fighter hadouken fireball.

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1 You Hate Every Sequel
2 You Know Precisely How Long A Video Game Is
3 You Own A Pair Of Expensive Gaming Headphones
4 It Angers You When Someone Refers To Link As Zelda
5 You Post Photos Of You Beating A Game Before Anyone Else Has It
6 Every Indie Game Is Awesome
7 You Go To GameStop Only To Argue With The Employees
8 Any Game Not On A Console Sucks
9 You Only Play PC Games
10 All Of Your Wardrobe And Accessories Have Video Game Company Logos On Them