'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' And The Lackluster Combat Of Ubisoft's Flagship Action Franchise

Forbes - Combat is at the heart of Ubisoft’s action-assassin series, and that’s always been the video game franchise’s biggest problem.

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RememberThe3571304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

My issues with Assassin's Creed have never been with the combat. It's always been with the climbing (AC3) or game design choices. Plus, Connor was a horrible character; the most monotone voice actor ever.

Derekvinyard131304d ago

Yea the combat is pretty good in all of them

Unztayble1304d ago

combat and stealth always did suck in these games.

Derekvinyard131304d ago

You don't like the combat I think it's decent

RememberThe3571304d ago

Thats funny cuz in AC3 I took out all the forts without alerting the guards. If thats not assassinating I don't know what is.

Unztayble1304d ago

Stealth always seemed tacked on. And the combat feels like it plays itself.

matrixman921304d ago

the combat is essentially the same as the Batman games or Sleeping Dogs, except without the intuition markers of when to block and counter...i didnt really see people complaining about those