Assassins’ Creed IV: Black Flag is pirates vs. ninja

VB - The latest entry in Ubisoft's epic, history-raiding series turns the clock back to the golden age of piracy. Plundering, debauchery, and even more naval combat await.

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Snookies122113d ago

Assassin's aren't ninjas though... The Ubisoft people were very clear about that after the whole "people wanting an AC game in feudal Japan thing."

MasterD9192113d ago

It's only because foolish people combined Ninja Asssasin together all the time and believe they are one in the same.

Irishguy952113d ago

Ninja are spies, Assassins and combatants.

Assassin is one aspect of what a true ninja was. But quite literally the only difference between a Hashashin(altair/basically all the stars of the AC series) and a Shinobi, is the location and time period. They are one in the same with regards to combat tactics and well...their approach to anything.