Gears of War Judgment Isn’t All-Prequel, After All

Kotaku - Most of this month's Gears of War Judgment on Xbox 360 takes place before the three existing Gears of War games. But there will also be a short campaign called "Aftermath" that takes place concurrently with the near-final moments of Gears of War 3. The brief two-hour-or-so campaign follows two series regulars, Baird and Cole, at the moment near the end of Gears 3 when they broke off from series hero Marcus Fenix to gather some troops.

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bacrec12113d ago

That's great to hear, there's still plenty of unanswered questions.

BanBrother2113d ago

Wow, this just keeps on getting better and better. As a Gears fan, I was sceptical at first. Game-play video after video, I ended up pre-ordering it a few weeks ago. Now this good news. I don't think there is any reason to complain now. New campaign, plus another very short chapter running alongside Gears 3. Plus Overrun looks very awesome.

I can safely say I can't wait for this now.

StinKyNuGz2112d ago

Me too can't wait this god of war gears of war same month omg.....lets smoke lol

TekoIie2108d ago

I'll raise a spliff to that ;)