PS4 Announcement: Was It Purely To Force Microsoft’s Hand?

Sony's PS Meeting has been criticized for omitting crucial details. Was it was just smoke and mirrors to force Microsoft into an Xbox event?

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Arai2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Good thing this is only an opinion piece, nothing more nothing less.

As the author seem to completely miss several (if not all) the points of the PS Meeting.
Whatever the case next-gen is here already and gamers are just waiting on MS to reveal their offerings.

As interesting as it might be to look at what the competition is doing, it's healthier to walk your own road and do your own thing (both companies).

Derekvinyard132113d ago

i was suprised that they announced ps4 before xbox TBH

headblackman2113d ago

yes it was. but not for the reason that many believe. the reason is for hardware spec comparison early so my changes can be done if need be. even if that meant prolonging their system just a little while longer, because they know that Europe is slow to adopt the American Xbox console and the Japanese just all out refuse to buy it. not because its a bad system, but because they believe in buying and supporting their own. its just business. not personal. and the second reason for the forced hand attempt is because its certain things that just maybe a little questionable that their system will have or be supporting, but don't wanna come out and just say it that may also be apart of the next Xbox console. so the wanna sit back and hope that Microsoft mention some of these key, but possibly bad features or ideas in their announcement to see the peoples reaction to it so Sony can either do away with it if its recieved as bad and talk bad about Microsoft at the e3 show (ammunition) or if its received as something good they can show up at the e3 show with the me too attitude. So the final attempt is use Microsoft to do their dirty work. Sony has become a company of crooks and thieves. There too weak to stand behind their product and too lazy to come up with your own inventions.

dangerousjo442113d ago

maybe but this is how the industry works