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Infamous 3 Storyline Theory, What If infamous Second Son was Never Announced?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte write's "On February 20th Infamous Second Son was announced for the PlayStation 4. While many thought the next infamous title could potentially carry on the Cole McGrath story-line we were treated to a new hero with the ability to control smoke. However, what if Infamous Second Son was never announced? Read my theory for Infamous 3 if they were to continue with Cole McGrath." (Culture, inFamous 2, inFamous: Second Son, PS3, PS4)

AngelicIceDiamond  +   995d ago
Then Sucker Punch would reveal a new Ip instead?
Derekvinyard13  +   995d ago
maybe, i love this series to death but i wonder what else they could do
djthechamp24  +   995d ago
from any developer, the possibilities of creating new games are unless
Derekvinyard13  +   995d ago
useless or endless
Root  +   995d ago
They will continue with Cole...don't worry

They would of called this inFAMOUS 3 if that was the case. They didn't put that lightning bolt question mark there for nothing.

The new game doesn't look like it follows onto any ending which is highly strange in my opinion. They won't even say themselves what ending is cannon which again is strange....what's to hide it's either one or the other.

If it was the bad ending then Conduits would be in control, no humans would be alive and they most certainly wouldn't be in power.

If it was the good ending then no conduits would be alive. Even if it was to come back, 7 years is not enough time for a new generation to develop the conduit gene.

I like to think that it's either

1) Secretly Kessler's time line (Highly unlikely after what we've heard) and thats the twist at the end.


2) Continues from an inFAMOUS 2 neutral ending...Cole has defeated the beast, managed to get rid of the plague another way but didn't activate the Ray Sphere or the plague is still around, killed off most humans but the government has found a way to stop/control it which shows us why the government are in control.

If they wanted to do a new hero so badly why didn't they just set the game in a new city while the events on INFAMOUS 2 play out...you know how many games set during inFAMOUS - inFAMOUS 2 they could do with new hero's. There was no need to set it after the second game especially when they aren't continuing with Cole, people love him to much to totally get rid of him

Very nice theory by the way but the whole Kessler thing, the other time line, really needs to be left to hand held games.
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smashcrashbash  +   995d ago
I think you are wrong.If it is the good ending all the Conduits don't have to be dead.No one confirmed that every single Conduit on the planet was dead and it is unlikely the device could reach all around the world to kill every Conduit.And that would still leave the people who have the potential to become Conduits later on or people using technology like the mayor did to make his own Conduits. And if it were the bad ending there was no guarantee that the Conduits would win the war between them and humanity so saying that the Conduits would be in control doesn't necessarily have to be true. Jut because they had powers doesn't mean that they would win and the method that Cole used to form them wouldn't leave enough for an enormous army anyway.

Either one of those endings could have led to this future. If they won the war against Cole they would be afraid that more or the remaining Conduits might rise up and threaten the world again and therefore try to keep Conduits in check and if Cole died like in the good ending they would want to make sure nothing like what happened in both cities to happen again so would be especially aggressive against surviving Conduits.It is not so unbelievable and in either scenario Cole would be dead either killed in the war or dead like he was originally when they set off the machine.

The only way Cole could make an appearance is if they are using his body for some reason maybe in some sinister plot to make more super humans or that he was defeated and captured during the Conduit human war an they have him locked away.
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Root  +   995d ago
"If it is the good ending all the Conduits don't have to be dead.No one confirmed that every single Conduit on the planet was dead and it is unlikely the device could reach all around the world to kill every Conduit."

It's stated in the games many times that it would effect the entire world.

You even see this in the good ending cutscene with the man in Africa holding his wife

Zeke then comments

"Even some people overseas were keeling over, poor b******* must of been Conduits and didn't even know it"

It's pretty clear it effected everyone I mean that was the whole point of the good ending and your sacrifice.

"nd that would still leave the people who have the potential to become Conduits later"

As I've said they would have enough time for a new generation to become conduits. If it was set 30 years after fair enough...but just 7...can't see it happening.

" And if it were the bad ending there was no guarantee that the Conduits would win the war between them and humanity"


Your joking right

All the conduits being activated, Cole as a SUPER conduit AKA the Beast AND the fact humanity is dying of the plague. They'd be wiped out in less then a month. The survivors would be in hiding if there was any.
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listenkids  +   995d ago
Cole is the villain, this is cannon.

majiebeast  +   995d ago
Infamous 3 couldnt have happend the endings are too different, it would mean no more morality system cause bad cole isnt just gonna turn good and good cole isnt just gonna turn bad. Lets see what they can do with Delsin and his smoke/mist abilities.
TheOneEyedHound  +   995d ago
Wait what! wtf is this?
KillrateOmega  +   995d ago
This was actually a very enjoyable read. Thought provoking.

They'll likely return to the character of Cole eventually. They put that lightning bolt in there for a reason after all. I imagine that they are just taking a break from character of Cole so as to avoid oversaturating the character and use this chance to explore the possibilities that the InFAMOUS world offers.
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BLow  +   995d ago
Man, I don't get how people want a new IP already. It's only been 2 games, well 2 1/2 with festival of blood. I could take a couple a more to see what they can pull off next gen. I thought the PS3 ones were amazing especially for an open world game. Maybe if they get some more success they can start a second team like a few of Sony's other first party developers. As long as it doesn't become a yearly series like Assassins Creed, especially with an open world game, then I'm cool with more Infamous. I really like the series and can't wait for Second Son. But everyone has their different tastes and may want something else and that's understandable.I'm just excited for all the other announcements we haven't heard yet. E3 hurry up!!!!
Tokyo_reject  +   995d ago
What if this game was never announced....then i wouldnt be saving for a PS4 right now lol
Hanso  +   995d ago
Its my must have ps4 game too :D
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Cyrax4  +   995d ago
It shouldn't have been created in the first place. It's a 3rd person shooter that no one played.

Gears of War 3 outsold both Infamous & Infamous 2 COMBINED! With a million+ to spare.

It also handily beat both games' metacritic scores:

Gears 3 - 91
Infamous - 85
Infamous 2 - 83

Gears 3 is superior both critically and financially.

Second Son: Flop confirmed.
theEx1Le  +   995d ago
Shooter? I don't really know what you would describe InFamous as but a shooter doesn't really fit.

To be fair to Gears, its a good game but infamous is far superior in terms of gameplay and just because it didnt sell as well as Gears doesn't make it worse. Same for reviews, each of the gears games has deteriorated in quality in my opinion with only certain MP aspects actually getting better.

No point even going into any further detail here, your a troll so whats the point.
younglj01  +   995d ago
I think InFamous 3 will be First Sons vs Second Sons can't wait too see what Sucker Punch next with the InFamous franchise....
bluetoto  +   995d ago
I love cole but I'm so glad that it's not about cole so we don't have to hear the whines about how it doesn't play like the other games or doesn't do this the same as the others, but I know someone will find a reason to bash it and say they should have done another cole story instead. All so they can bash that game for whatever reason.

Great choice SP!
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