Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: Everything We Know, and More As We Find It


"Unless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly seen the salvo of Assassin’s Creed IV information floating about.

Yes, it’s about pirates, and as it turns out, we predicted it yet again. No big deal!

Now, you may be experiencing a bit of sensory overload because of the information being scattered about all over the place.

Fear not! OXCGN has you covered.

In this article, we have pieced together everything we know about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and we will continue to update this article as we find more."

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Proeliator2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

This game just has so much potential.

AC3 was exciting in concept, but didn't quite follow through in my opinion. Black Flag looks to make up for that.

DeusExer2115d ago

I'm glad to be playing as a more intriguing character this time around, not to mention leading enemy ships into violent storms.

gaminoz2115d ago

AC3 seemed a bit all over the place to me with no real focus to it. So much to do but so little reason to do it.

This one looks more focused on the character instead of trying to convey a 'journalistic' experience of the time period like with the revolution, where it was covering all the minor and major events.

Proeliator2115d ago

Exactly! I think that everyone has wanted a proper pirate game. Ubi is giving us that.

BadCircuit2115d ago


Too many pirate games are slow RPG style like Risen 2, but this one will focus on action, which is going to be great. Not sure how the whole Assassins vs Templar thing is going to work, but at least there's no Desmond!

Anybody remember Legend of Black Kat from last gen? I really liked that pirate game.

gaminoz2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )


Desmond's story fizzled. Not sure why they are bothering with keeping a 'present time' portion instead of doing it like AC 3:Liberation

gaminoz2115d ago

There are so many rumours and such it's good to finally get all the facts in one place.

BadCircuit2115d ago

Glad they aren't afraid to go back in time rather that have to keep going forward.

gaminoz2115d ago

It certainly opens up options for the future. (Or actually the past)

DeusExer2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I'm fairly sure the guys at Ubisoft always said the series always allowed them to chop and change back and forth through time.

Especially now as players are not Desmond, reliving his ancestors memories, it opens up potential to play as characters from different regions/countries.

PopRocks3592115d ago

Man, this game is generating a ton of hype quite quickly it seems. If this winds up being like Aliens, I'll be flabbergasted.

BadCircuit2115d ago

Surely not! They would kill the franchise right away!

BadCircuit2115d ago

The naval combat was a highlight of AC 3, and there hasn't been a decent pirate game since Sid Meirs Pirates, so I'm pumped for this one.

Love that we can board ships and swim.

Also that we attack forts and explore ruins!

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The story is too old to be commented.