Six Reasons We Shouldn't Count the Wii U Out Yet

The Wii U is far from a smash hit, but its lackluster sales have some already saying it’s going to be the system that finally tanks Nintendo. It’s a statement that seems a bit alarmist given how early in its life cycle the console is, though I have to admit to being worried myself at times.

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miyamoto2112d ago

We only need one reason.
Nintendo has billions of $$$.

PopRocks3592112d ago

Well, that and because they're a household name with some very successful franchises/trademarks/etc.

bothebo2112d ago

I'm not so sure about that these days. I think Nintendo has lost a lot of its hype and people don't pay as much attention to it today as they used to. I think things like Angry Birds and iWhatevers carry much more weight than Nintendo products do. Just look at iPhone sales and you'll begin to understand.

PopRocks3592112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )


Of course you don't. You need only look at your comment history to understand that.

Your thoughts are, needless to say, completely wrong when the 3DS and its software are selling as strongly as they are and New Super Mario Bros. U is among the games with the highest attachment rate on the Wii U.

Also the bulk of iPhone/Android games are not really meant for gamers. They're meant for average Joes who wish to have a quick little activity to pass the time on the bus. Sure there are some more core experiences appearing on those outlets, but the correlation between iPhone/Android and dedicated gaming does not exist because they are completely separate devices and markets.

One side is hardware meant to play games before anything else. The other is a phone that happens to have many $.99 games available on it.

Also, newsflash; iPhone/Android games have outsold Sony and Microsoft games as well.

Shok2112d ago


So..........why exactly is the 3DS the fastest-selling system of all time?

Why is it at 30 million units sold right now?

FriedGoat2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

@shock, that would be the price cut and selling at a big loss.
If the games are anything to go by, it can't be that, I sold all mine bar ocarina. £30-40 for short games with next to no content. Haven't really picked it up since the Vita released, it's dusty.

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stuna12112d ago

Wouldn't billions of dollars mean billions of reasons???

But on a serious note, the Wii U is going to surprise us! And this is a playstation fan speaking! I've never wanted Nintendo or the Wii U for that matter to fail, I just feel that Nintendo could have done so, so much better.

Hell I grew up with Nintendo, so I know where they came from, to where they are now!

From where I'm standing now nostalgia is good and all, but it's not meant to be a permanent solution! They need to expand beyond the boundaries of Mario & Zelda, sure I understand that they are mascots for the Nintendo brand but even mascots change.

Samus HD2111d ago

If they have so much money.. why dont they make the hardware more powerfull?!

miyamoto2111d ago

Good question.

Just look at their investment vs profit proportion

low investment that means more profit
that is their principles and business model
it worked for them since the NES
they know their place in this world, their strength, their weaknesses, their market
why change this business model/strategy if it ain't broke?

MNGamer-N2111d ago

We were all hoping for a nuclear powered, self sustaining, V12 engine powerhouse - but it didn't happen. To me that is ok as long as the GAMES are high quality, fun experiences. That is what I care about more than RAM or number of processor cores.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2112d ago

Good Points...

I guess the writer can't go to the party with all of the "cool" journalist anymore.

BUT I thank him/her for standing-up against the WiiU bullies.

mochachino2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I don't count Wii U out, I just count it 3rd....again.

Kos-Mos2112d ago

3rd what? Like the Wii which outsold ps3 and btox combined?

FriedGoat2112d ago

Like the Cube. But to be honest, if they start making good games again due to bad sales, I'm all for it. Let's have a proper sequel to mario 64!

Theyellowflash302112d ago

I only need 3 reasons

1. Xenoblade 2
2. 3D Mario
3. Bayonetta 2

All exclusive, and all awesome.

josephayal2112d ago

I Think the Wii U will be the winner between the Next Generation consoles, just the the original wii

kingmushroom2112d ago

yeah when they give it a price cut which they will, then Mario,Zelda,Monster hunter and Pokemon, will translate to sales

Rageanitus2112d ago

the ps3 and xbox are still selling quite well.... It wont surprise me that they catch up... well at least the ps3 will

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