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One year later: the arduous, unimpressive journey of the PS Vita

GameZone: "The Vita is a powerful device with some great selections, but sadly, it's really lacking in terms of appeal and content." (PS Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment)

bullymangLer  +   698d ago
recurring Vita articles like these will be a thing of the past once goD of War Blades of Glory and Mark of kri 3 come out for the Vita. .
Phil32  +   698d ago
You should have just posted "wait until GDC." Then after GDC, "wait until E3." And then after E3, "wait until Tokyo Game Show." And so forth.

That said, these negative articles showcase nothing new in the field of originality, so there's no point approving them (unless you are a fan-thing that thinks that approving negative Vita articles is "owning Sony fans" or whatever nonsense). And no, writer of this article, I will not follow you on Twitter just so I can see more "gems" like this article.
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LOGICWINS  +   698d ago
It's an opinion piece. Opinions won't always be positive.
Phil32  +   698d ago
Thanks for that, LOGICWINS. I'll file that under the "no shit" category.

I'm saying it's not an original article or an original topic to discuss. That is all.

It'd be just like if we had 500 "Why the Xbox 360 rules" articles. Too much of anything is bad. Thanks for misconstruing what I was saying.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   698d ago
***"I'm saying it's not an original article or an original topic to discuss. That is all. Perhaps you could learn to read."***



***"And posts like that are exactly why N4G users are trolled everywhere."***

I just found it funny how you needed to restate what you already made clear in your initial post all because logicwins mistook it as you being upset that the article was negative in nature. I don't understand what your problem is...
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Phil32  +   698d ago
^ EDIT: heh I edited that to be nicer, but I think it's still mean of me. :)
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darthv72  +   698d ago
"God of War Blades of Glory"
wait, they are making Kratos into a figure skater?

That should be interesting.
Kingthrash360  +   698d ago
Lol @ " ill file that under the 'no shit' category"......classic
jakmckratos  +   698d ago
THey really need to start pushing Vita exclusives..an overwhelming amount of people who have a Vita have a PS3 so having them availible for both is kind of asinine...However Id LOVE to see Mark of Kri, God of War, a BETTER Uncharted game, a real Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Medievil 3 , Ape Escape HD collection and Heavenly Sword on the Vita. Also if they could have Sony Bend make a REAL Resistance handheld game that'd be fantastic.
stuntman_mike  +   698d ago

I think mark of kri 2 only came out in the US sadly.
I loved the first game.
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Derekvinyard13  +   698d ago
we will just have to wait
ziggurcat  +   698d ago
wouldn't be a day at N4G without at least one sony/vita/PS3/PS4 doom article.
Y_5150  +   698d ago
Next up: "PS4, is it worth your cash? (shows the shut up and take my money meme as the photo)
RogueStatus28  +   698d ago
You'd be surprised how much more Wii U doom articles get published. PS4 has been getting nothing but praise so far.
mamotte  +   698d ago
You forgot the WiiU in your list. And Xbox. And Ouya. And that imaginary console we know nothing about. And that new company from outer space. And the rumored game wich can or cant exist. And the tablets, and cellphones. And chess.

Everything is doomed here.
Derekvinyard13  +   698d ago
tachy0n  +   698d ago
vote down this site and move on.

dont even bother to give them a hit. he's opinion is worthless since he doesnt own a PSVita.
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Viper7  +   698d ago
Oh you can do that!
Kingthrash360  +   698d ago
*Points mouse arrow at down vote......."Click, click" ......
jon1234  +   698d ago
PfffffT it's doing gReat, I can't wait to have a party chat with vita and ps4 playeres
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   698d ago
Crap article. He doesnt own a Vita? He 'd rather play on his TV screen ( that would be one almighty bulge in his pocket) Pathetic.
BrianC6234  +   698d ago
Yawn. These crappy articles are getting boring. I have more games for my Vita than I have time to play them. I got a lot of them free on PS Plus too. The best deal is buy a Vita and PS Plus. You won't even need to buy any games.
RogueStatus28  +   698d ago
As Reggie said: "That's Sony's problem, not mine" LOL
profgerbik  +   698d ago
As Kaz Hirai said: "I am glad Reggie is Nintendo's problem, not mine"
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Williamson  +   698d ago
I've been really impressed with the vita so far, console quality games on the go is a plus. Just because it hasn't sold a lot doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. Its funny reading people bash the vita only because it hasn't sold as much as the 3ds.
Y_5150  +   698d ago
Also your avatar! KAT is awesome! The Vita gave me a different experience and a new love because of Gravity Rush, my favorite game for the handheld.
g-nome  +   698d ago
Loving my vita.
maniacmayhem  +   698d ago
Well everyone who was a Vita supporter on N4G did say to give it a year before we start with the doom articles.

And here we are, when should we discuss the vita?
megamn606  +   698d ago
I was waiting for someone to say that.

I play my vita all the time, and while i have all of the ps plus games, i rarely play them. ive beaten uncharted, rayman, gravity rush, persona 4, and retro city rampage. I've played unit 13, the crappy resistance, PSASBR (fantastic port btw) and all the others. and to be honest, while the system does have games, i really don't think it has enough, and i really dont see sony caring. now don't get me wrong, i WILL have killzone the moment its available, but THAT is the kind of attention i want sony to give the vita all the time. they have to play this the way nintendo did when the DS first came out. lead by example, show the third party developers what your system can really do, and push them to the limits of their own creativity. but, like i said, sony just doesn't seem to care as much about the vita after a year, almost as if they just expected it to be perfect without doing much of anything. :/and the saddest part is...you know deep down that theyre really trying their best, what with the whole company not doing as well as they used to. i really hope they can turn it around, and deliver on everything the promise for the future. happy birthday, and good luck vita :D
Hicken  +   698d ago
So you're saying you can't discuss it unless it's a doom article?

Furthermore, what type of person takes the word of someone with NO experience with the device? There's a reason I don't say a whole lot about the Wii U, as opposed to, say, the 360: I have virtually no experience with the Wii U. I've played a fair amount on everything else, though, with at least one of each system in the same house with me over the past three years, and PLENTY of play time on friends' and family members' systems.

I highly doubt that this author, along with the many others with the same unoriginal "opinion," has more experience than the demo unit at his local GameStop.

It's perfectly okay to DISCUSS the Vita, or any system, for that matter. But it certainly helps to have more than secondhand knowledge of it.

Vita supporters- who are most likely also Vita owners- have by and large enjoyed the hell out of their handheld. They've found plenty of games to play, and gotten interested in titles they hadn't considered, thanks to things like PS+.

Odd, then, how people who DON'T own one keep talking about how bad things have been for a system they don't really have an interest in, in the first place. Like CommonSenseGamer, who is forever lamenting that the Vita is a gaming handheld and not a tablet. Hard to "discuss" something with someone like that, isn't it?

Like it's hard for me to "discuss" anything with you, because you're convinced that because I like Sony more than Nintendo or Microsoft, I'm a Sony fanboy.
maniacmayhem  +   698d ago
Hicken you are so out of control that it is hilarious, I think I told you this before. You are one of the main offenders who told people here to wait for the Vita to be on the market for a year before even mentioning anything doom or failed. And again here we are, Vita is not doing so hot and you still lash out at anyone who says so.

And your hypocrisy in your statement is so overwhelming that I think it's you trying to be sarcastic. Hilariously brilliant if true.

And you may not blast the WiiU (even though you did claim the controller was uncomfortable before it even came out) but you certainly keep hammering on the 360 which you have NO real knowledge on, yet you keep passing your ideas on it as fact. You are forever saying that MS left their core which you are NOT a part of and you blindly rage and even call other posters on here stupid who have a different opinion on anything Sony related than you.

"So you're saying you can't discuss it unless it's a doom article?"

Of course it can be discussed, but lord forbid someone has an opinion that the device is not up to their high standard that you have of it because then YOU will leave a comment bashing them, telling them their stupid or that they don't own a Vita or something else demeaning and unnecessary.

Hard to have a discussion when certain fanboys can't take any form of criticism of their brand they're loyal too.
TongkatAli  +   698d ago
How was he being out of control when he is calling you out on your BS ?
Derekvinyard13  +   698d ago
GillHarrison  +   698d ago
It's a great system, but it will definitely be the last dedicated gaming handheld I buy.
dark-kyon  +   698d ago
the vita is a great console whit great games.this men only care for games AAA.if your are a true gamer and search you find games of whole type,the vita is the best system to play ps1,psp,indie,psn games for only that a true gamer must respect psvita.
i have a blast playing persona 4,megaman,projec diva,ninja gaiden,rayman,metal gear,etc.
i have free for plus unchartet,wipe out and other what no have time to play.
MichaelLito79  +   698d ago
I own the Vita and feel it is lacking more retail games. Last year they had good games but not enough to satisfy my gamer needs. I have played the games that I truly found to be great and I am waiting for more. Here is hoping that the Vita picks up in 2nd quarter and rest of this year.

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