Ubisoft: 40 percent of Assassin’s Creed IV is naval missions (GamesBeat)

“About 60 percent of the main path is on land,” says Ashraf Ismail, game director on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. “40 percent is naval.” While he hesitates to call the previous game a usability test for Black Flag’s pirate adventures, he does admit that Assassin’s Creed III helped push the technology where his game needed it to go. Then his team took it further.

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JeffGrubb2026d ago

How many percents is singing and dancing to pirate songs?

Tolkoto2026d ago

I can only hope the other 60.

Spinal2026d ago

And that's why I won't be getting this Assassins creed I hated the whole naval parts of creed 3. I just can't stand the direction this game is going in. Ill stick to god of war ascension and the last of us as my most wanted games this year. Not forgetting bioshock infinite and watch dogs.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I'll only sign on if the Dancing is motion controlled enabled for WiiMote/UPad, Kinect, and Move.

-Hopefully, they use Usher for choreographer & motion capture.

"Funny" @ JGrubb & Tolkoto
But I am serious... >.>

SybaRat2026d ago

Wenching is the other 60 percent.

SolidSystem2026d ago

ew... naval was alright. at this point I kinda feel like AC franchise is cashing in because people liked the naval....

Root2026d ago

I know

It wae even that good in my opinion, just compared to everything else AC3 offered it stood out more.

Way to go Ubisoft...turning AC into something its not

SolidSystem2026d ago

if they want to make a naval game, do it. I loved Sid Mieyers pirates!... this just doesn't seem like AC to me.

PopRocks3592026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I think on this we agree. Naval missions were an okay break from the usual "work" in ACIII, but I wouldn't want nearly half the damn game to consist of such a slowly paced and simplistic activity.

Root2026d ago

Poprocks they are doing to do to space the game out make it feel longer

I can't believe the amount of people eating this crap up

It's the start of a franchises thats in decline....just like FF, RE, dmc, Dead Space, Mass Effect etc

BanBrother2026d ago

Yes, agreed. To all those who liked the naval battles; good for you you, they were fun parts of the game. But is this called "The Pirate Creed"? F*** NO!

Ubisoft are turning this into nothing more than a casual action game. Where the hell is the stealth and assassinations? They are too afraid to make a purely stealth oriented game, for the same reason EA didn't want to make a purely single player horror experience. But Ubisoft gets a free pass lol. Wake the f*** up.
Oh well, at least I can add another franchise to my "not buying because of greedy POS scumbag publisher"

Derekvinyard132026d ago

@ solid

Sid Miers Games are awsome, there should be more games on consoles like that

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Number-Nine2026d ago

they were just looking for an excuse to get more naval battles into assassins creed because of how successful it was in ac3.

darkronin2292026d ago

I dunno...maybe internally they would've known that the naval battles were good, but public reception of it didn't come out till last November. No way they could put together a new AC in less than a year from that reaction alone.

SolidSystem2026d ago

you dont think so? using an existing engine with a time period pretty close to that of AC3 could mean re-used resources along with some new ones... they have many of the mechanics done from AC3 and need some tweaking. this is exactly the kind of game I can imagine them pumping out quickly.

Jek_Porkins2026d ago

So Navel Missions which are the thing I hated in AC3 are almost half of what the game is about? I like the AC games, but this one will have to be quite a deal in price before I buy it.

Derekvinyard132026d ago

what price u think, like 30? or 15? im thinking 20

Jek_Porkins2026d ago

I'd give it a go at $20, I waited for Revelations to hit $20 before buying it.

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