'Assassin's Creed 4' on PS4 will look "exceptionally beautiful"

Assassin's Creed 4 will look "exceptionally beautiful" on PS4, Ubisoft has said.

Lead content manager Carsten Myhill said the main differences between current and next-generation versions will be "graphical enhancements".

"The most obvious answer is that visually [PS4 is] going to look more impressive," he told Digital Spy.

"The horsepower allows us to make something really exceptionally beautiful.

"That's not to say the current gen version of the game won't be beautiful; they have been so far and we will continue with that."

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will support the features of the PS4 controller, such as the touch pad, but is something that will be revealed in future.

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LessThan2Tflops2114d ago

So it will look more like the pc version , AC on PC have been blowing away the console versions for years

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2114d ago

will sell way more then the dying PC tho

DoomeDx2114d ago

Steam would like a word with you. genius

2114d ago
landog2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

"will sell way more then the dying PC tho"

-cool, how much of a cut do you get from those sales, none, ohhh, awesome

and the pc version will be $10-$20 cheaper, and support way higher resolutions than the ps4 will ever dream of, support 6x more anti aliasing (ps4 will still have jaggies, not as bad as ps3, but you can see them all over in the killzone SF trailer

EA makes more money on pc than ps3, steam has more active users than ps3 and 360 (at times over 6 million online at once, 55 million subscribers

why the hell do you care about numbers?

thats always the console only gamers defence,

" your pc games is way cheaper, has mods, WAY better graphics, runs smoother, gets faster patches, has way better online with dedicated servers and more players in a what man, it didn't sell as many copies as the xbox 360 version so there.."

lol...ohhh no, more people eat hot dogs than steak too.....more people live in poverty than in wealth so poverty must be better right....

stuna12114d ago

Damn Man! you have got the fanatics going. We all know the PC will look like Avatar grade graphics on 24 in. screens

I just glad we finally have something to look forward too after 7 long years of hearing this very same argument.

-MD-2114d ago

"will sell way more then the dying PC tho"

I lol'd. PC gaming is thriving.

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DoomeDx2114d ago

Wow why does everybody dissagree with you?
Are people really saying that multiplatform games will look best on PS4 instead of the PC?

N4G, get educated. Seriously.

RyuCloudStrife2114d ago

You need to get educated . Please.

Mounce2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

By average? Yes.

Developers push one model of hardware, focus on pushing what they have and will be able to achieve great things. While as on PC, you either go Valve's approach with Source and make it so you can go LOW/Medium/High/Very High so All forms of PC can run the game. However, what statistics would you wish to present to inform everyone that what you're saying....


Lets see, by average on all Steam users(Which I could perhaps say, most hardcore and casual and default PC gamer has to a degree has steam and it will continue to raise) - Most are on Windows 7 64bit by 55%, have 2,3,4GB of RAM 'Or' 8GB Max at average, NEARLY 50% of CPU's are Duo-Core, other half are Quad core, The GPUs of course are freaking EVERYWHERE unlike Consoles with ONE to focus on, only 30% of PC players go at 1080p, HDD size varies and stuff like that to give an example against your Logic.

Is that the average PC Gamer has some beastly rig that appropriately can run games like Crysis 1/2/3, Metro 2033, and a VERY VERY FEW HANDFUL of high fidelity-PC-games on max....The amount of PC Gamers with Beast-rigs are a Huge minority compared to the Millions that can simply just own a console where a developer doesn't go Crytek-High, but they go max whatever they can with the console....because a console doesn't need to compensate for the VARIETY OF PC HARDWARE BY AVERAGE because every console is the SAME THING.

Second Life optimization versus PS3 Home optimization for instance. Second Life has to appease every hardware type and every Windows OS and every amount of RAM, GPU, CPU limitation to appease a broader audience. So while PC can go to a HIGHER MAX, the average that PC developers are capable of, have the funds to, the engine to achieve 'Best conceivable PC visuals with the newest tech on the market' are Minimal.


[Updated with Steam Statistics for fun, always a great and curious read of Average and % of other users]

aquamala2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )


You seem to think pc need to be in max settings to look better than consoles, that's just not true, these games in low to medium settings still look better than current gen consoles

nirwanda2114d ago

@aquamara I think his point is that new stuff like dx11 tessalation has to be written in the engine so you can't just write a game for low/med/high without compromising.
Ps4/720 wont need to accommodate anything under dx11 or possibly 12 with the 720

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2114d ago

This is USUALLY the case, however, based on what we know. The PS4 is more or less a mid-high end computer, in terms of spec quality. Thus I can easily imagine for a lot of people playing this on a ps4 would garner better results then on their pc.

Eyesoftheraven2114d ago

It'll likely at least run better than the PC ports. Dear God even today on high end hardware AC1 runs pretty poorly on PC.

joab7772114d ago

This may be true but an increase in console power will allow developers to do more with games that will benefit pcs also. Many games are simply ported with some display options but, you may be surprised that pc games will look even better now. Also, gameply will see tweaks. It will be good all around. Also, i wont have to use a mouse and keyboard...thank god.

Anyway, these guys have been busy. AC3 took many years and at the same time they have been creating this for this gen and next gen. Wow! I will give them that. I have high hopes for this game. I think it will be better.

Tei7772114d ago

lol, AC on the PC has always looked near identical to the console versions. They only improved upon the easy things like the performance.

AT least now with the PS4 they seem to be taking it more seriously with a separate team artist and programmers optimising it for for the higher end systems.

Eyesoftheraven2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Sure hope so. AC 1 - 3 each run pretty bad.

i7-3930k @ 4.3GHz, 7970 3GB @ 1125/1575, 16Gb DDR3 @ 1866MHZ

aquamala2114d ago

if you're calling the version with 1080p 60fps with dx11 features "identical" to the current gen console versions, you're going to be disappointed with next gen games.

Tei7772114d ago

@aphatauri, I've already seen next gen launch games that are well above AC3 on PC. To call the PC version Identical is definitely an exaggeration but its clearly a console game ported to PC. WIth the arrival of the ps4, they'll definitely spend more resources optimising the game.

AlphaJunk2114d ago

haha you got disagrees on here from these idiots. Anyhow, I hope to see more fluid animation on the PS4 and next Xbox; the PS3 and Xbox 360's games have horrendous animation.

uncharted562114d ago

Lets be honest PC will always be far ahead of consoles. But also lets be honest that games on Pc don't sell as much compared to consoles, a reason why consoles will never go away because they are really accessible and easy for people to play on compared to PC's. Many games now days are released quite late on PC's compared to consoles and sometimes they wont even be released at all. So lets be honest PC's are not what they used to be for gaming.

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alousow2114d ago

i havnt purchase ac since ac 2. i cant wait for ac 4 i hope its not the same old stuff. PS4 FTW

Ezio20482114d ago

yeah...! M buying AC4 on PS4. :D

snowman21492114d ago

No I think the disagrees are about the "PC has been blowing away the console version for years" Have AC games looked better on PC? Yes but not by much to be honest, mostly in terms of draw distance and some small improvements here and there..but only because the pc has been held back by the current gen consoles over the past few years

first1NFANTRY2114d ago

I hope so. I wanna see a substantial leap in gameplay mechanics, physics, combat and graphics otherwise i'm not buying AC4.

Multiplats where really mediocre this gen. I hope next gen we get the same quality games as exclusives otherwise i'll continue to bargain bin multiplat games. Either way i benefit.

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