SimCity review -

The french website has reviewed the much-awaited SimCity. But as they say it, "it's the biggest disappointment of early 2013", criticizing very small cities, clunky gameplay, and Sims' poor AI.

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grailly1935d ago

this is worrying, I hope it's actually better than that.

fermcr1935d ago

I was going to buy the game on launch... but now I'm reticent. After 1 or 2 reviews and some of the previews, I'm holding back. It looks like the game has lots of flaws and is not as good as people thought. Better wait for a couple of weeks to see if the game is worth purchasing.

jizzyjones1935d ago

I suspect this game will get ALOT of updates/improvements

m2stech1935d ago

No surprise, French review site hates American made rival to their beloved French made Cities XL

Tr10wn1935d ago

Cities XL 2014!!!!! those who own the 2013 will only pay $10 for the 2014 title!!!!

m2stech1934d ago

LoL...With 30 brand new buildings!