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Why the Heck Wont Company X Release their 20 yr old Game on Android already?: GameWoof

We all know emulators exist a plenty on mobile and tablet platforms. But why is it companies like Capcom, Sega, Nintendo, Atari and others are slow to embrace the new world of mobile gaming? Mike Deneen from GameWoof asks just that question, exploring every possible excuse these companies have and rebuking every one of them. (Android, Industry, Retro)

ziggurcat  +   906d ago
why should they?
MikeMyers  +   906d ago
Gee, I dunno. Maybe so that more people can enjoy them?

Nintendo is all about control. They don't want to devalue their games and think supporting IOS and Android somehow cheapens them. Nintendo will only release Nintendo software on Nintendo hardware. They have had a history of not working well with outside parties, do you really think they want to have someone like Apple get 30% of their profits and sell Apple hardware from Nintendo software?
mandf  +   906d ago
Some of those games are linked with it's respective console. Mobile gamers think they will get everything. Mobile gaming lines up is not all it's cracked up to be. It's a hit or miss with mobile gaming with no dedicated teams for it right now.
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MikeMyers  +   906d ago
"It's a hit or miss with mobile gaming with no dedicated teams for it right now."

Well considering some 12 year old kid can get the whole NES and SNES library to work on the PC, I think they can manage Super Mario Bros. on an iPhone.
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mandf  +   906d ago
@mike meyers

They are called thieves and pirates. Nintendo didn't release their games on Pc's. Nintendo will never release their IP's considering they have a thing called handheld and their own store. Keep your lame excuse to yourself. Don't promote pirating.
MikeMyers  +   905d ago

My response was about how easy it would be to bring some Nintendo games LEGALLY to devices like the iPhone. We already see emulation on PC's which you're right, they are not legal but they are there and play fine. So if some person can get it to work on the PC then it would be easy enough to get them to work on other devices would it not?

But you're right, we won't see it on anything other than Nintendo platforms which is what i already said. Nintendo doesn't want them to be and it really is that simple. It's about control and trying to get people to buy their hardware.
mandf  +   905d ago
@ mike meyers

Maybe I misjudged you. Nintendo would be hurting their bottom line if they released their software on other platforms. There would be no reason to buy a Nintendo console. Mobile game articles lately act like they are the future and a lot of their articles are not accurate.
MikeMyers  +   904d ago
"Nintendo would be hurting their bottom line if they released their software on other platforms."

From their point of view, yes.

"There would be no reason to buy a Nintendo console. Mobile game articles lately act like they are the future and a lot of their articles are not accurate."

I'm strictly talking about older titles. People don't still buy NES and SNES systems from Nintendo do they? So why not sell those games on the Nintendo store for their own hardware like the Wii U and the 3DS but also to a much wider audience like Android and Apple? You could potentially make a lot more money of games that no longer sell hardware. People don't rush out and but a 3DS or a Wii U to play 20 year old games but they would be likely to pay a few dollars to play Super Mario Bros. legally on their IPhone and Android phones.
Derekvinyard13  +   906d ago
What's the deal with airplane peanuts !!!!
baraka007  +   906d ago
lol not sure why someone disagreed was funny ;)
Blank  +   906d ago
Wow that article was too long winded in the end there was still no answer just more questions but the thing is if they arent porting to ios or android is because sony and nintendo already have handhelds sure they can make extra change publishing the retro games there but they would have to break some cash off to the app stores and odds are people would lose interest in the real gaming handhelds in the long term I own both 3ds and vita I rather retro game on these devices
SilentNegotiator  +   906d ago
If you're going to have a Seinfeld Image, the headline should start with "What's up with..."
clearelite  +   906d ago
"what's the deal with game companies?"
clearelite  +   906d ago
i'll have to think of something to type here....

nm, http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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MrDead  +   906d ago
I would love to have an Amiga site to download from for my phone, playing games like Treasure Island Dizzy, Heimdall, SWIV, Desert Strike, Chaos Engine.... etc would be awesome.

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MrDead  +   905d ago
Oooh! also lets not forget Fire and Ice and one of the best games ever made Putty

Emzx99  +   905d ago
Mobile gaming is a joke anyways (on phones), why should it even be talked about. Leave real handheld gaming to Nintendo and Sony.
Truehellfire  +   905d ago
I have always kind of wondered that myself. Id instantly buy certain retro games for my phone no questions asked. Not the ideal way to play them, but id much rather play some of the classics over Angry Birds or Temple Run when im stuck at the airport, at the doctors office, etc. Hell, if they released some old computer RTS's with optimized touch screen controls, I would go out and buy a tablet just for that.
kingPoS  +   905d ago
I'd hate for a great many games to be confined to emulators. X-men Arcade, The Simpson's Arcade & the SEGA Genesis Collection... I enjoy them all. I'd like to buy the Spiderman Arcade & Captain America Arcade games digitally, problem is that "No One" is selling.

Unfortunately the only way to currently play those tiles is to either somehow come across an intact arcade circuit board or be a pirate and take the rom.

And to think... some people still don't get why piracy won't go away when you make things unavailable.
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