New 30 minute Resident Evil: Revelations HD hits the web

"The video showcases 4 things. plenty of footage of the game looking absolutely gorgeous, gameplay looking amazing, puzzles making me feels great and no subtitles for the 2 people speaking in the background drowning out all the audio from the game!"

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2116d ago

When I see the story picture for this art. I always think it is Joanna Dark.

And I think a Perfect Dark for WiiU?

But then I read... :(

Yodagamer2116d ago

I see they didn't improve the facial animation, or the lack off. Load times as well, i'm okay with them keeping the doors as it gave me a chance to reload/heal myself, but it should have been improved when you actually press a to open a door.

Derekvinyard132116d ago

looks a little disappointing imo

MooseyXTC2115d ago

Those door load-times, as long as ever...

MasterD9192115d ago

Movement looks a bit jerky.

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