British supermarket 'loses' pounds off of Wii U price Good afternoon, Europe. ASDA, the popular British supermarket owned by Wal-mart, decided to cut the Wii U price tag by £50. The Wii U Premium pack is now available for £249.00 as the Basic pack is now £199.00. You'll have to purchase it through the Asda Directy website as ASDA doesn't offer price matching.

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lilbroRx2113d ago

I don't get it. Why is every business that offers a temporary deal on the Wii U such big news?

PopRocks3592113d ago

Didn't you know? It's cuz the Wii U is teh DOOMEDZ. /s

ThePsychoGamer2113d ago

Every time a retailer offers a special deal on a console, it's reported here. It's the same for the VIta, Ps3, 360, 3DS, and will be the same for the PS4 and Next Xbox.

There is no hidden message the author of this story is trying to say about the system, it's purely meant to inform European gamers of a chance to save money.

DBergmark2113d ago

Consumers want to know where they can get savings so it's the media's chance to report it.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2113d ago

Because the Wii-U is in the media spotlight atm due to poor sales.

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lilbroRx2113d ago

It doesn't come off as their just trying to inform people of deals though. It comes off as if they are trying to propose or infer "something" from this news. Something not quite positive.

DBergmark2113d ago

As the author of the post, I can reassure you that I meant to report the deal because people like saving money. Also because I wanted to use some British joke. Good day, mate.

MasterCornholio2113d ago

Stop being so paranoid. This news doesn't have anything to do with people bashing the Wii U. It merely is an informative post that let's potential buyers if the Wii U know that they can get a good deal on the system.

If it wasn't for an article on Amazon's vita prices (which I bought at launch) I wouldn't have gotten one with an 8GB stick at 220 euros.

Jesus its like some people don't want stores to make good deals to help move Wii U consoles because they see it as negative news.

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Root2113d ago

Plus my 10%'s tempting

But I can still hold out a little more

rezzah2113d ago

They might bring out decent bundles when better games are released.

Root2113d ago

That's what I was thinking...least then I'll get a game thrown in

Kamikaze1352113d ago

Did they send the Wii U to Jenny Craig?

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