CGM: Tomb Raiders Story is the best the series has ever seen

Wayne from C&G Magazine Reviews Tomb Raider, developed by Crystal Dynamics. and thinks the story is the best it has ever been!

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gamernova2088d ago

Already pre-ordered. Just adding to my excitement :D

MysticStrummer2088d ago

The story may be great, but it doesn't look like a Tomb Raider game to me so I'll wait until it's much cheaper. I've already played three Uncharteds this generation so I don't feel the need to play a copy, even one starring Lara Croft. This TR emulates UC more than UC ever emulated TR, beyond the basic treasure hunting adventurer premise.

Imalwaysright2088d ago

Learn your videogame history. Uncharted not only emulates " the basic treasure hunting adventurer premise." but also the template that was set by TR in 1996. Uncharted IS TR with a presentation that holds up to today's standards but focuses more on action with a cinematic flair. Uncharted is in many ways the natural evolution of TR but TR was the revolutionary game and heavily inspired not only Uncharted but many other games. Saying otherwise is quite frankly idiotic!

Let me ask you this: Besides getting into cover what has the Drake done that we haven't seen Lara doing before?

Imalwaysright2088d ago

@ Harry Uncharted doesnt feel like TR either because its focus is the shooting/cinematic feel but its undeniable that its basic structure is a TR carbon copy. Shoot this, jump that, climb this, solve that, shoot some more... that is the template that TR set as standard in 1996. I think that many people here on N4g forget that TR was one the 1st ( if not the 1st) 3D third person shooter adventure games and by being one of the 1st and one of the most iconic franchises it has inspired many games. Uncharted is not only one of those games but the natural evolution of TR. Everything the Drake does, Lara did it 1st. The difference is that the Drake does it in a way that meets today's standards.

HarryMasonHerpderp2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

I got the game last friday and I can tell you now it really doesn't feel like a Tomb Raider game.
If you have played all 3 Uncharted games the action sequences in Tomb Raider feel a little Déjà vu.
I've kind of had my fill of the over the top action sequences, some parts are exactly the same as Uncharted. I'll be getting a lot of disagrees for saying this but it's true, if you've been playing Uncharted there will be a lot of moments where you roll your eyes because it's a been there done that situation. I also don't like what they have done to Lara Croft, the attitudes gone and the thick English accent is lacking, she's been very Americanized. is a great game and worth buying, when you're solving puzzles in tombs or taking enemies out stealthily with your bow and arrow it's an amazing game. The graphics and semi-open world are very impressive too. Also the platforming is top notch and you'll have a great time finding the secrets.
I just wish they got rid of all the over the top action parts because it's just not what Tomb Raider is about and when it's not doing that it's at its best.

Thefreeman0122088d ago

i think at this point i am saving my money for next gen. this isnt a title that really has me interested enough to spend 60 dollars before the end of the year

level 3602088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

This game is that good/great. Don't simply compare it to Uncharted which already is a spectacular game in itself. The ratio of sameness with Uncharted is only what you read about on most websites, there are so many different things in this game that make it distinct.

Some people even comment that it's not the Tomb Raider of old, the one they were used to.. because this is an entirely new breed onto itself, but I tell you if that is what you're looking for you'll notice glimpses of the Lara from previous games as you play further.

This game is going to be a classic because it would be hard for any developer to top this story-wise and in game play experience.