Review: A Big Data experience revives the glory of SimCity | VentureBeat

VentureBeat: "It’s a joy to see SimCity return in a better form than it has ever been. It is wonderfully complex, but very easy to play. The title is a massive undertaking and it has come together beautifully overall. Hopefully, EA will be able to improve the connected parts of the game, and the experience will become more fun with more players."

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Sadie21001720d ago

It's been since SimCity 2000 since I played one of these. I'm excited about checking this one out.

SybaRat1720d ago

Still waiting to build my own Sim Hell. I got plans for the third circle that you wouldn't believe.

darkronin2291720d ago

Must. Resist. The greatest enemy between me and the new Sim City is the lack of time :(