Gears of War: Judgment TV Commercial 'Cheevos'

Xbox writes:

"Gears of War: Judgment was crafted for Gears fans. This TV commercial takes a moment to celebrate them."

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StinKyNuGz2113d ago

Sick days 0 lol... Awesome shit

SOD_Delta2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

This is the weakest of the Gears of War ads. Mad World was the best. Nothing tops that ad.

Trenta272113d ago

This will either be crap or full of complete awesome. I'm hoping for the later.

BanBrother2113d ago

Haha I like funny ads like this. The game looks freaking sweet. Plus they are pushing even more enemies on screen at once, and they have improved the already epic lighting from Gears 3 (hopefully dynamic lighting, as the fire FX have improved also).

PS4isKing_822113d ago

Damn 4 gears of war games, 5 halo games, 3 or 4 forzas, 3 fables lol
And ppl say Nintendo milks their games lol
Xbox did all that in one single console gen lol

spicelicka2113d ago

console has been out for 8 years now.......

nukeitall2113d ago

I know, that is almost a decade!

Man, I'm getting old and fast. :(