Tomb Raider - First TressFX Video, PC In-Game Settings Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "Good news for all PC gamers as Tomb Raider has been unlocked in a couple of regions, meaning that we’ll be getting a lot of screenshots and videos today from the PC version of Crystal Dynamics’ Lara Croft game."

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ATi_Elite2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Hair Physics? Really AMD!

Would of been cooler if it was part of an overall package of Physics as most game characters are guys with Helmets or short hair cuts!

Dasteru2109d ago

Well we have had boob physics for going on 10 years now, hair only seems like the next logical step.

NastyDaddeh2108d ago

booty should be the next step, not hair.

Pozzle2109d ago

To be fair, hair physics are something that many devs have struggled with this gen. So I can see why it's being focused on.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Most game hero's have no hair. I don't think hair should be a focus. They should focus on making it easier and a no brainer for devs to push pc graphics since it maybe easier. Unless it's an easy switch you flip they will be paying devs to use this like nVidia pays devs to use physics.

Until devs start using openCl in consoles we won't get much of this on a regular basis on pc.

But hey Amd still better than nvidia at least amd believes in open standard and nvidia divides the industry with their stupid physx and cuda.. No way in hell would I spend hundreds to have an nvidia feature that is rarely used but marketed with every gpu.

Anyway can't wait to see a another female hero to use this on! lol

papashango2109d ago

So the hair blows one way and the cloth materials in the back another...

Scenarist2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

animals in games will finally get proper treatment

think bigger

and lol @papashango ... that is terrible
and nice name btw .. havent heard that name since that wrestling guy disappeared

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Jreca2109d ago

The collision mesh looks awful.

aliengmr2109d ago

Wow you're right. It doesn't even come close. Wonder what that was all about.

WarThunder2109d ago

Hair Physics are great! but the game's overall graphics doesn't look good, very unpolished... There are 4 years old games that look better than this game.

gamernova2109d ago

The video is not even at full 1080p. If at 480 it looks like 4 year old games in HD then damn this game must look pretty magnificent at its full potential.

Anyway, I have never bought a tomb raider game but I pre-ordered this one. It is pretty damn awesome looking and I really hope the hype equals to the quality the game actually delivers. So good.

WarThunder2109d ago

Actually i have Tomb raider (PC version)...

kwyjibo2109d ago

This is next gen! Every individual hair moves!

Wait, where have I heard that before?

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