2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to February 23rd

Worldwide Hardware YTD:

1: 3DS - 1,587,972
2: PS3 - 1,293,084
3: X360 - 860,410
4: WiiU - 376,031
5: Wii - 321,648
6: PSP - 288,132
7: PSV - 267,146
8: DS - 201,164

Worldwide Software YTD:

1: Dragon Warrior VII (3DS) - 1,098,262
2: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3) - 821,249
3: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (X360) - 800,011
4: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) - 704,077
5: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PS3) - 628,198
6: Dead Space 3 (X360) - 508,115
7: Far Cry 3 (X360) - 501,692
8: Halo 4 (X360) - 498,501
9: Far Cry 3 (PS3) - 475,082
10: Just Dance 4 (Wii) - 472,707

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sher123win1231214d ago

thats a huge gap between ps3 and 360

MysticStrummer1214d ago

If PS3 hasn't already passed 360, it will definitely happen before the end of the year, and it may happen before the end of the summer. That's assuming the trend stays the same of course. If Sony drops the PS3 to $199, it's as close to a done deal as it can be.

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SlyFoxC1214d ago

also, the 360 has been using the same model for the last 2 years..

the ps3 is on its second model

Lvl_up_gamer1214d ago

"the ps3 is on its second model "

3rd actually, but there have been so many i can understand losing count.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


Everything you're saying is true, unless of course you dare take a step into REALITY and find out that XBox 360s are Selling at $99.00
The saying goes that, you're still required retain a "Price" to make "price cuts." At $99.00 how much lower can the sell it for?


Everything you say is true, Unless of course you dare take a step into REALITY and count:
1: The Original Xbox 360
2: Xbox 360 Falcon
3: Xbox 360 Jasper
4: Xbox Xbox 360 S

darthv721214d ago

I do believe the subsidy program applies to units purchased direct from MS. you cant just walk into a target or walmart or best buy and say you want to get a 360 for the $99 price point.

also, the physical changes to the exterior are what sly was eluding to. PS3 has had several changes from the beginning with the removal of the media reader and usb ports to the overall physical change of the shell to be slimmer and eventually...super slim.

360 design changes were mostly color (white, black, halo green) with the addition of the hdmi port. It wasnt until the 360 slim was there a significant change to the exterior.

Internal board revisions happen to pretty much every console but physical exterior changes happen when cost cutting is involved. It is by that time that the physical shell change reduces overall size due to the reduction of the internal components as well.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

@ Darth

You can't simply walk into Walmart and get a major discount like you would from either, that doesn't mean that the option to get a xbox 360 at $99.00 isn't there. The problem is that even with this option, it is being outsold.

Could you imagine if the PS3 had an similar option at even $150.00 ? Sony would be out of stock with the PS3 the next day.

Sedondly, those changes were minor for the xbox 360. Falcon and Jasper changes were touted to fix RAMPANT problem for the Xbox 360s that were breaking down left and right. So please don't to put them in the category of just "color designs". Pff Please....

Everybody would come into GameStop Specifically asking for the Jasper or Falcon Models. So those were major efforts by Microsoft to fix the problem, and when people came to replace their consoles, they made sure to get the latest models.

darthv721214d ago

I think you have comprehension problems.

The exterior remained pretty much unchanged with the exception of the refined video port having a notch taken out to accommodate the hdmi that was added. The colors of black and green were added as alternates to the white which was the dominant color of the 360.

there had been a few other custom system releases but the majority of the ones in circulation are going to be white until the system was completely overhauled and then it became the slim black version.

How you got to your conclusion about the internal changes from my statement of the exterior...yeah you just didnt comprehend what was being stated.

The easiest way to tell of a system revision is from the exterior. Why you went off on the internals is .... a little strange considering we werent talking internal changes.

Another error in your comprehension is that Amazon doesnt offer the subsidized 360 either. you were the one to bring up the subsidized 360 and now you are changing your point by trying to add in amazon. Last i checked, amazon isnt a retail outlet so the obvious difference in deals is apparent.

You werent talking amazon, you were talking about the 360 for $99 as part of the program from MS. cant get in retail OR amazon.

If you are going to pick a topic...try and stick to it.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Hi Darth

"How you got to your conclusion about the internal changes from my statement of the exterior...yeah you just didn't comprehend what was being stated."

"360 design changes were mostly color (white, black, halo green) with the addition of the hdmi port

Son it's you who have a bit of a comprehension problem. I'm letting you that you are wrong. The Design changes were NOT "mostly color" as you put it. The Falcon and Jasper models were changed internally and even added and HDMI port, something that the previous models don't have.

"Another error in your comprehension is that Amazon doesnt offer the subsidized 360 either"

Wow, talking about reading comprehension, lol. Son I never said that the $99.00 can be found on Amazon. I simply said that, just because something is not available "everywhere" doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. And I used Amazon and walmart as an example.

I really had to explain that to you? How old are you?

Godchild10201214d ago

@darthv72 , You can go to Gamestop and Walmart to get the 360 for $99 dollars, at least in the US.


And I'm sure Target and Best Buy is and or will be doing it soon or in the future. Not just Microsoft stores.

"Print the coupon and take it into your local GameStop store. The coupon entitles you to buy one of selected Xbox 360 consoles for just $99.99."

darthv721214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

cupid..we are on two different pages. I am on the subject of the changes we can see on the outside where you are on the subject of changes on the inside.

I will try and be a bit clearer...internal hardware revisions are not always indicative of a change to the exterior of a system. if you put three of the same color 360 on the table, each a different internal board revision. you would not be able to know which is which with the exception of the very first one released. that is because the lack of HDMI makes it stand out.

I am not discrediting the internal differences. its that Ms used the same case design from launch and since the inclusion of HDMI for every unit made. then the slim came out and was the first time (technically 2nd) where the physical case had been modified to coincide with an internal board redesign as well. so all the HDMI equipped elites, pro and arcade units all used the same case design. for the ps3. the changes Sony made has usually resulted in some kind of case change as well. some changes aren't as significant as others. like the difference in the 60 and 20 (caseing differences) was the media ports on the 60 (as well as the 80) and the lack of them on the 20. the 40 saw the removal of 2 USB ports. so that is another exterior change that is indicative of an internal change. from there the biggest Change in case design was the first slim. not much changed during that run but then we get the super slim.

by comparison, Sony changed the physical case design 5 times. the 360 has had its case redesigned 3 times. of which both units have been available in various colors. now does that make better sense on the topic of the case changes each platform has had? I'm sorry if you still don't get it. I am all about variants in consoles. I find the subject fascinating. its what makes collecting such a big part of this hobby...for me anyways.

@god...thank you for that clarification. I stand corrected.

Cupid_Viper_31214d ago

@ Darth

Yeah I know what you and understood what you were getting at from the start. But my original statement was in response to SLYFOXC who said:

"also, the 360 has been using the same model for the last 2 years.. The PS3 is on its second model"

And he meant that as to say that different models boosted sales for the PS3. And I pointed out that the Jasper, Falcon and new redesigns for the 360 has also boosted sales for the xbox 360 in the same manner. Because the Falcon and Jasper models were supposed to fix a problem that was affecting millions of 360 owners.

But yeah, I liked our little debate so thanks for the banter :)

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Horny1214d ago

its not that huge a gap but the Ps3 has already passed the 360

PeaSFor1214d ago

even if the 360 had a whole year ahead of the ps3, ...wich is impressive.

Clarence1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Funny look at all these people like Level up gamer & dk286 discussing price drops for the ps3. Look at the market share level up gamer!

What they seem to forget M$ had a smorgasbord of 360s out

November 22, 2005
Launch of Xbox 360 Premium (20 GB) – $399.99
Launch of Xbox 360 Core – $299.99

April 29, 2007
Launch Xbox 360 Elite (120 GB) – $479.99

August 6, 2007
Price cut on Xbox 360 Premium (20 GB) – $349.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 Core – $279.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 Elite – $449.99

October 27, 2007
Launch of Xbox 360 Arcade – $279.99
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 Core

July 13, 2008
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 (20 GB) (price cut to $299.99 for remaining stock)

August 1, 2008
Launch of Xbox 360 Premium (60 GB) – $349.99

September 5, 2008
Price cut on Xbox 360 Elite – $399.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 (60 GB) – $299.99
Price cut on Xbox 360 Arcade – $199.99

August 28, 2009
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 (60 GB) (price cut to $249.99 for remaining stock)
Price cut on Xbox 360 Elite – $299.99

June 19, 2010
Launch of Xbox 360 S 250 GB – $299.99
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 Elite (price cut to $249.99 for remaining stock)
Discontinuation of Xbox 360 Arcade (price cut to $149.99 for remaining stock)

August 3, 2010
Launch of Xbox 360 S 4 GB – $199.99

Well now look at all these different versions of the 360s
The 360 has been cheaper than the PS3 for a long time, yet it has been outsold
Deal with it haters.

@ monocle how long has the 3ds been out? Didn't it get a price drop before it started selling?

streetbred87061213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

The Playstation name was first introduced in 1994. The Xbox name was first introduced in 2001... 7 years later. Playstation has had a 7 year advantage over the Xbox this entire time. To see the Xbox sales running side by side of the most dominant name in gaming history, I call the total success. PS3 is far from its PS2 mark of 150 million plus so to see the Xbox 360 half way there, much respect to Microsoft.

Moncole1214d ago

And its a bigger gap between 3DS and Vita.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


Lol you see the core gamer support. That's a huge gap between sony and ms also!

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Trunkz Jr1214d ago

According to Patcher, Handhelds are dead so the 3DS can't be selling this well /s

Darrius Cole1214d ago

Michael Pachter has about a 15% accuracy rate.

Roper3161214d ago

you have Patchers accuracy rate a little high me believes, maybe 5% and that's a big maybe

PopRocks3591214d ago

Huh. Interesting numbers to say the least. The 3DS, 360 and PS3 are selling pretty damn well, and the Wii U seems to be hanging on just over the Wii.

Gotta give Animal Crossing credit. It's only out in Japan and yet it made the top five best selling software with worldwide numbers.

mushroomwig1214d ago

Considering it's slow start the 3DS is really flying now. I just hope the Vita can pick up a similar speed in the future.

TooTall191214d ago

Killzone:Merc and PS4 remote play certainly won't hurt.

clearelite1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Me too and I want the outspoken doubters and muckrakers to eat their words. Healthy handhelds and consoles sales are good for gaming/gamers and so are REAL gaming PCs.

lovegames7181214d ago

You know till this day i still dont know what the hell " Animal Crossing" is. I have to do some research because i see its a big ip over their in Japan for Nintendo.

Horny1214d ago

ive only played the gamecube one and its a fun game.

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