Yu Suzuki planning Shenmue 3 Kickstarter project?

Comments made by Shenmue creator Yu Suzuk suggest the epic saga could be completed by crowd funding.

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rob852109d ago

I thought it would have never come to his mind for making Shenmue sequel

zerocrossing2109d ago

He probably gets fan requests daily, I dubt he finds time not to think about it lol.

Patashnik2109d ago

It's probably the one question he gets asked the most. I'm surprised he doesn't totally rage every time someone mentions it! ;)

classic2002109d ago

I would give him half of my PS4 money and buy the PS4 at a later date in its second month or so. This game needs a sequel before I die or before HE DIES.

hkgamer2109d ago

I think he has always wanted to finish off the shenmue saga. It's his baby, maybe something that completely flopped and ruined his career but it has always been something he spent years of his life in making.

Maybe if they do a kickstarter project they should consider an episodic release. shenmue is alread split up in a bunch of chapters (13 chapters I believe), wouldn't hurt to experiment on making an episodic RPG/adventure/action/FREE/what ever the genre it is.

I mean he should actually consider converting this into a full blown remake and split into chapters to milk as much money as possible. Fans are willing to spend 100+ for this game anyway.

I would personally spend £300+ for a collectors edition.

DaveyB2109d ago

It would be fascinating if this actually happens - not just to see what the target amount would be - but also how many people turn around and support it.

People say they want Shenmue 3 - but how many people would stump up the cash to fund it...

Angainor72109d ago


Blacktric2109d ago

[email protected]

That's Yu's personal paypal email address. I'm totally not lying right now.

Joking aside, I hope he decides to do it, so we can finally get to experience another masterpiece.

hkgamer2109d ago

money sent... hopefully the game will arrive very soon :D:D:D

miyamoto2109d ago

Suzuki-san is as very important as me in video games. 3D games owe a lot to him and his Virtua Fighter.
With out him 3-D games could have not taken off as they do today.

PlayStation's success owe a lot to Yu Suzuki-san.

Patashnik2109d ago

I would definitely pay money upfront for this. I think it's the only kickstarter that'd I'd bother supporting...

This, and for Phantasy Star V made by Reiko Kodama and Yuji Naka! ; )

DaveyB2109d ago

Oh man, what I would give for a Phantasy Star 5 from Reiko Kodama!

And yes, Shenmue 3 kickstarter - I'd pay upfront for that for sure. That and an HD collection of the first two games!

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The story is too old to be commented.