Assassin’s Creed IV Kind Of Excites Me

Quote: "Of all the age-old debates known to man, there is one that stands above the rest. No, it’s not which came first between the chicken and the egg. No, it’s not creationism versus evolution. No, it’s not Damon or Stefan. No, it’s not even which wins in a fight between dinosaurs and robots (Pacific Rim, everyone; watch it when it’s out). The debate that has raged the longest, the one choice that defines a person entirely, the question I ask anyone I meet before I get to know them better, is simply:

Ninjas or pirates?

Which is better, which would win in a fight between the two, so on. The answer is irrelevant; it’s your motivation which tells the world what you’re all about.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was confirmed last week following a leak and then trailered over the weekend following another leak — seriously Ubisoft, plug those holes or your ship is sure to sink (sailor puns, everyone!) — and I have to admit that it’s got me very excited, for three reasons. "

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ExitToExisT2111d ago

It would excite me if it would be released Summer 2014 (and announced later).

brettyd2111d ago

The game has been in development for 2+ years, so it's not like it's a rush job. I think it was announced a little early but Ubi even said there will be an AC every year. Hopefully they have smoothed out the gameplay a little bit, past games always felt a little clunky to me.

rezzah2111d ago

That's lame, the game will be released sooner.

Gives them extra time to work on another AC for next gen consoles.