Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Preview- Artificial Fun

James Merrett of Artificial Fun dives into the colorful world of Naruto Shippuden to take a look at Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

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Snookies122086d ago

"Unfortunately the Japanese voice cast didn’t come over as well"

What exactly does that mean? They're definitely in the game, and the voices are just as they should be from the anime. I don't quite understand what that line was supposed to mean.

JamesMerrett2086d ago

When I did the research I couldn't find the names of the Japanese voice actors, only the English ones. However, I will admit that I have only watched the Dubbed version. I will do some more research into this and take out that line until I am 100% certain

criticalkare2084d ago

Demo had Japanese voiceover